Preparing Yummy Cocktails with Edible Flowers


Do you want to take your cocktail to the next level? If yes, then adding some edible flowers in the cocktail will be a great idea. The best thing about edible flowers is that they are not just perfect garnishes. They add a new dimension to the flavor. Plus, you will witness an improvement in the texture of the cocktail also.

However, keep one thing in mind. All flowers are not edible. Well, this is why we will list down the flowers that you can add to your cocktail.

Things to remember when adding flowers in your cocktail

There are some aspects you must consider when adding flowers in your cocktail. When you add flowers, then ensure that the flowers are free from pesticides. The best approach will be to make the purchase from someone who deals with edible flowers.

The benefit of this practice is that you will not have to deal with any risk. The time of purchase also matters. When you buy the flowers in the morning, then they are fresh at that time. The good news is that the scent is also at its best. You can also purchase flowers from flower services. Good flower services send flowers overnight. Ideally, go for a next day service because it is a great choice.

Whenever you buy flowers to add in your cocktail, then there is yet another precaution that you must follow by all means. You should never keep the flowers in a plastic container. The reason is that the flowers will lose their moisture and the scent will be gone.

You should always keep the flowers in a paper bag to retain the moisture and scent. When you are planning to prepare the cocktail, use the flowers immediately.

If you are more concerned about the texture, then you can easily wash the flowers. However, if you are worried about losing the scent, then washing the flowers will not be the best approach.

There are times when you cannot use the flower immediately. In that case, store the flower between damp towels and then put them in a fridge.

Flowers which can get added to your cocktail


When you plan to add rose petals to your cocktail, then they add a hint of color to your drink. However, remember one thing. Some rose petals tend to have a strong flavor. Adding them and getting the right blend should be a hit and trial process till you get the right balance.


 Do you want to add a dramatic touch to your cocktail? Consider adding Hibiscus to your drink. It will introduce the scarlet spikes to your cocktail. Your cocktail will not just acquire a floral look by the addition of the Hibiscus. It adds a bit of spiciness to your drink also.


 When you want a perfect combo of sweet and spicy, then add lavender to your cocktail. After adding lavender into your drink, just strain it to remove the bits of the flower.


 Well, the Violas will add the purple and yellow splashes to your cocktail. They have a sweet flavor.


When you are looking for a perfect bust of color, then add Nasturtiums in your cocktail. The best part is that both the leaves and the flowers of this plant are edible. The flowers and the leaves tend to have a peppery finish so try it out.

How to make the best cocktail with flowers

When you prepare cocktail with edible flowers, then you can consider adding fresh herbs. The reason is that herbs enhance the flavor of the cocktail. When you prepare the cocktail, then make sure that you chill the glass in the fridge.

The other option is that you can fill the glass with ice and water. As a result, your cocktail remains fresh to the last sip. Always add more ice when you want to chill your cocktail. Always make the cocktail in small glasses. When you use large glasses, then it makes your cocktail warm.

When you want to make your cocktail extra delicious, then consider adding whole fruits. The reason is that whole fruits give a wonderful texture to your cocktail.

Avoid adding granulated sugar in the cocktail. The reason is that it does not tend to dissolve well in cold drinks. The best approach is to make a sugar syrup so that it can dissolve in your cocktail.

When you have to prepare sugar syrup, then dissolve sugar in heated water. There are two types of sugar syrups you can prepare for your cocktail. One has 1:1 ratio. It means one cup water and one cup sugar.  The other way to prepare sugar syrup is with 2:1 ratio.

It means two cups of sugar added in one cup of water. The syrup with 2:1 ratio gives a better texture to the cocktail. If you want to prepare a healthy version of the cocktail, then you can add Stevia in it too.

There are some precautions you should always follow when buying flowers. You should never eat a flower, if you are unable to identify it with certainty. There are times when people are allergic to flowers. Make sure that you incorporate the flowers slowly in the cocktails. The benefit of this practice is that you will be aware of any allergic reactions.

Make your cocktail today. Always search the recipes before preparing your cocktail. The best thing about cocktails is that you can customize them as per your preference. When you are preparing cocktail with edible flowers, then always try out the recipe before hand so that there are no disappointments at the end of the day.

Plus, you will be sure that you are preparing the best drink for the occasion. These simple tips and tricks will surely help you at the end of the day. Make sure that you try them out. You will be happy with the end results. Your guests will also applaud you for your efforts.  Remember preparing the perfect cocktail is an art.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.