Examples of Shoes to Wear in Court


You probably have your suit pressed and tailored to match your form, but do you have a good pair of shoes to match? Looking the part is important when you have a court date, especially if you want to be taken seriously as a lawyer.

For you to be respected as part of a team at a law firm, it is vital that you don’t look sloppy or underdressed. Your shoes need to scream professionalism, rather than just look like part of a casual or night out outfit.

A small heel can help you to still feel like you have a feminine edge to your outfit, but should also be comfortable enough that you can spend all day in them without fear of blisters or any related soreness that tends to come with ill-fitting or overly high heels. You don’t want your footwear to play a part in you badly hurting yourself, only to find you are the one contacting Long Island personal injury lawyers due to a slip and fall accident in the workplace!

Court Shoes

Given the name, often also called a pump, it makes sense that these are an acceptable choice to wear as a lawyer. Court shoes look smart and can give a no-nonsense impression. As with any legal wear, it is best to opt for darker tones to match the professional look. Shades of black, grey, and navy will never look out of place in a courtroom.

Mary Janes

These shoes tend to have a strap or buckle running over the center of the foot. This can give them more stability, which can be useful if you are not used to wearing this type of shoe. Mary Janes come in a range of heel heights, which means that you can easily find a style and height to suit you. They also don’t need to be overly expensive, which can be brilliant for the novice law employee who doesn’t have an overly large salary yet.


Loafers are not just a man’s shoe. There are now many different styles of loafer that cater to women’s different fashion and employment needs. You can wear shoes that look similar to those of your male counterparts and still look every bit as stylish as you would outside the office. For some women, dressing in a similar way to their colleagues is important to them, as they want to keep their work and personal lives truly separate. For this reason, having a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t only ever wear for work can be a good reason to choose a loafer.

Whatever you choose, on whatever budget, it must be something that is comfortable enough for you to wear for the duration of your working day, every day that you need to be in the office. You can opt for different suitable colors, as mentioned above, as well as materials and whether the shoe is glossy or matte. Overall, looking the part is just one example of how you can become successful in your career. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.