7 Ways to Get Stronger Hair


Did you know that our hair can affect our confidence level? If you want to get stronger hair, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to make hair strong and healthy.

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1. Lower the Heat Setting on Styling Tools

Straightening irons, blow dryers, and curlers can damage your hair over time. If you have dry, fine, or hair prone to breakage, you’ll want to lower the heat.

Heat can also weaken your hair, causing frizzy or damaged strands of hair.

There are many ways to limit the damage of heat styling. Try holding your blow dryer around six inches away from the surface of your hair. Make sure you move the dryer around, instead of concentrating it on one spot.

Limit your heated styling sessions and blow-drying to two times a week. This way, your hair can recover between the sessions.

You should also set your styling tools to a low heat setting. You’ll reduce the chance of damaging your hair. Pick up a heat protector at your local hair salon to protect your hair as well.

2. Add Vitamins to Your Health Regime

Your hair will need specific minerals and vitamins to stay strong and healthy.

Try to eat plenty of spinach, carrots, eggs, and yogurt, because they are high in Vitamin A.

To get your B vitamins, eat avocados, nuts, dairy products, liver, and egg yolks.

Vitamin C is another vitamin to add to your diet. Good sources of vitamin C include strawberries, bell peppers, and citrus fruits.

For Vitamin D, consume milk, orange juice, egg yolks, and fattier fish. Vitamin E’s found in spinach, avocados, almonds, and sunflower seeds.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of zinc and iron.

If you don’t get these vitamins from the foods you consume, try a multivitamin. Ask your doctor before you take any new supplements. Keep looking for the best hair supplement.

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Most shampoos have ingredients that strip away the hair’s natural oils. If your hair isn’t super oily, you could cut back to washing twice a week instead of daily.

Washing your hair too much can weaken the hair shaft and dry it out. Don’t use too much shampoo. Use a quarter-sized amount of shampoo.

On days that you shower but don’t shampoo, scrub your hair with the water.

4. Eat More Protein

Consuming enough protein will help your hair growth and keep it healthy. Consider adding lean meats, beans, legumes, spinach, kale, and fatty fish to your diet.

Don’t forget eggs and nuts and seeds.

5. Rinse Your Hair With Cool Water

Showering with water that’s too hot will cause heat damage to your hair cuticles and roots. Steam in the shower will open up the cuticles on your hair, resulting in dry and frizzy hair.

Lather up with lukewarm water instead. Finish your shower with a spray of cold water on your scalp and hair.

The cooler water will help seal your hair cuticle and make it easier for your hair to hold onto moisture.

6. Dry Your Hair With a Shirt

Instead of rubbing your hair with a terry-cloth towel, use a simple cotton shirt. Rubbing your hair with a towel could cause breakage or hair damage from the friction.

You could also try a microfiber towel. A cotton shirt will create less friction and less damage. Squeeze parts of your hair to get rid of water. Bend your head forward and wrap your hair up.

Leave your hair wrapped for 10 minutes before unwrapping. Squeeze the shirt around sections that still have lots of moisture. After, you can style your hair as you normally would.

7. Treat Yourself to a Hot Oil Treatment

A hot oil treatment will help restore damaged, dry, or frizzy hair. You could try an avocado and coconut oil hair treatment.

Coconut oil will reduce protein loss in undamaged and damaged hair. Avocado oil contains essential fatty acids. It also contains vitamins E, A, and B-5.

Create a hot oil treatment at home. You’ll need to mix two tablespoons of avocado oil with two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. You might need more to use more, but keep the oil ratio equal.

Place the oil in a jar and place it in a double boiler. Let the oil melt together and warm up for two minutes. It doesn’t need to be super hot, but warm enough to mix.

Check the temperature by dabbing some on your wrist. You want a lukewarm oil. If it’s too hot, wait until it cools down a bit.

After the oil is a comfortable temperature, work the oil into the roots of your hair, scalp, and ends. Then use the remaining oil through the rest of your strands.

Place a shower cap over your hair, giving the oil time to sink into your hair for 20 minutes. After, rinse well with lukewarm water. Brush your hair with a soft-bristled brush after.

Now You Know How to Get Stronger Hair

We hope this guide on how to make hair strong was helpful. Now that you know how to get stronger hair start planning out your hair care regime.

Take your time adding new vitamin and protein-rich foods to your diet. Make sure you don’t wash your hair too often.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.