5 different types of tea people drink around the world


Do you love drinking tea? Is it your go-to thing that comforts you during stressful times? If yes, then you would love to read this article. In this, we are talking about various teas around the world that you should try now. These will blow your mind, and you may or may not find them in your local region. 

Brewing these teas at home in an authentic manner with the proper ingredients will give you a taste of their culture. It’s because these teas represent their culture and the emotions of their people.

So, tea lovers, buck up and make these teas now!!

Tuareg tea from Morocco

Morocco is known for its mint tea, known as Tuareg tea. If you were to visit a house in Morocco, they would serve you this tea three times, and you cannot refuse it even once. This delicious tea will be easy to make.

  • In a pan, put some water to boil. Add 1 tbsp green tea leaves, 4-5 spearmint leaves, and sugar as per choice. Let it boil till it reduces to half.
  • Strain in sleek glasses and add mint leaves for garnishing. It is one of the best ways to enjoy tea, and you can make it iced too.

Turkish tea from Turkey

Another country that loves its tea is Turkey. If you are deciding on the best tea in the world, your list is incomplete without adding Turkey to the list. Every meet-up here is incomplete without tea, and you can enjoy this in the comfort of your home. Turkish tea is about 1/3rd black tea mixed with boiling water and a unique brewing method. Learn from an expert on how to brew Turkish tea the right way.

Irish Tea from Ireland

In Ireland, tea is an emotion, and this country is one of the heaviest tea drinkers. It is rude if you are invited into an Irish household and aren’t offered tea. If you want to brew Irish tea at home, you can do it as it is so simple to make one.

  • Get some loose tea leaves from https://www.tasteireland.com.au/. Irish tea is a mix of tea imported from India (Assam and Darjeeling). To make this:
  • Brew some tea in cold water. Let it boil a few times, depending upon your preference.
  • Strain it, add sugar and enjoy it.
  • If you love milk, you can add the same. However, most Irish tea drinkers don’t use milk.

Chai from India

Ah! The smell of chai from India can energize you without even having a single sip. Tea is a major drink in India, and even though it’s hot here for more than eight months, people love their ‘Chai.’ The varieties of tea you will find in India are mind-blowing. Some will have only milk, black leaves, and water. Others may add a lot of herbs to the tea, and believe it or not, every cup is full of flavor.

One of the most lovable varieties of chai is this:

  • Add one cup of water to a pan and let it boil. Add grated ginger and crushed cardamom leaves to the same. Let it boil once, and add 1 tbsp of black tea leaves.
  • Lastly, add ½ milk (or more, as per choice) and a bit of sugar. Let it boil two to three times.
  • Strain it and enjoy!

Cha-Yen from Thailand

Thai Iced tea or Cha Yen is a delicacy. It’s a mix of spice and sweet with high calories. But if you are craving something sweet and energizing, it is better than any soda. To make this:

  • Buy authentic Thai tea for this recipe. Then in a pan, boil loose black tea, star anise, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, and cardamom for 5 minutes.
  • Strain it in another pan.
  • Add sugar and sweetened condensed milk as per your choice. Stir it till it mixes well.
  • Now, in tall glasses, add ice cubes and pour the tea over the ice.
  • Leave a bit of space and add 1 tbsp of evaporated milk.
  • Enjoy!

Hopefully, your search for a new or the best tea will be over with these options. However, if you have a favorite one, do share it below with the rest of the tea-loving community.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.