Where to Find an eBay Coupon


It’s happened to all of us. We find that item that we’ve been searching for (for years) on eBay. It’s almost too good to be true! We have to get it immediately before it’s gone! After all, we have been searching for it for years. But, being a truly unique item, it’s rather expensive. If only we knew where to find an eBay coupon to make this treasure more affordable.

Well, I’m here to tell you that eBay coupons DO exist, and you can find them online.  Now you can cut your eBay spending down by 10, 20, or even 30 percent.

What is an eBay Coupon?

For those who haven’t spent a lot of time online recently, an eBay coupon is a discount you add to your merchandise that you are buying on eBay. It comes in the form of a special code. Once you have the special code, you apply that to your order to get the discount. Discounts come in the form of either a solid amount off, such as $5 off, or a percentage off, such as 10% off your order. Some coupons can even go up to as high as 50% off an order. Occasionally you can find coupons for other specials such as “Buy One, Get One Free”. The offers can vary depending on the day. Just make sure your coupon isn’t expired, and you should be able to use it. (Though you should always be a smart shopper and read the fine print on an offer.)

How to Apply Your eBay Coupon

Once you have your Offer Code, applying it to your order is relatively simple.

First, ensure your item is in your “shopping cart”.

Once you have placed the items in it, go to your “shopping cart” by clicking on the icon that looks like shopping cart on the upper right side of the page.

Once in the cart, click the blue “Go to Checkout” button which should be obvious to click on. This will be sitting on the right side of your page.

Finally, as you are on the checkout page, do not finalize your order yet. First, apply your coupon here on this screen. Directly under the listed products you are purchasing, there is a section to add “Gift Cards, coupons, eBay Bucks”. Apply your code in that box there, and click, “add”. And now your offer should show up on your total. It’s that easy to apply!

Where to Get eBay Coupons

Sometimes eBay itself will list special deals and offer codes on its homepage. There will be other times where, because you have spent a certain amount at eBay, they will give you eBay Bucks which serve as extra money off on your order. Or you can check your credited coupon site to find eBay deals like this. There is also the option to google “eBay coupons” but you should beware if you do that. Not all coupon sites are credible, so stick to ones that you know and trust.

Happy hunting on your special collectibles and finds on eBay! With the right tools at your fingertips, you are sure to find some deals.