Trendy Gifts to Give in 2020


Think of that man in your life who means the world to you. Often, women display their affection for significant others by doting to their needs. They cook, clean, listen, share, and spend time with their men. But there is another thing that could go a long way in expressing this love – gifting. When is the last time you gifted your man? What did you give him? Avoid going the usual tie and cufflinks way the next time you think of anniversary gifts for husband or your boyfriend. Instead, look into what he might appreciate more, given his tastes and preferences. That is the key to being a good gift-giver, and below are some of the choices you could make:

A Cologne Subscription

Who does not love to smell good? Studies show that one’s scent can either make or break your attraction to them. And with him running up and down all day to make ends meet, he needs cologne that has his back. Sure, you love that musky male scent that hits your nostrils when he’s been working out at the gym. But his colleagues will not appreciate this, and getting him a cologne subscription is the key to widening that smile. 

The good thing is that it will not cost you much and he will get a chance to sample some of the best products in the market. It keeps you from having to make the selection. How great is that!

Sign Him up for a Class

What has he always wanted to do? Suppose he wants to further his career by developing his skills, joining school would be the best way to go about this. It could be that the hours are unsuitable, or the fees are too high, given his current income. In this case, you could sign him up for an online class. While most people were skeptical as to the effectiveness of online learning, it has fast become a way to hone one’s skills. 

Maybe he is not into studying and would love to do something that is more laid back. How about a cooking class? You have seen the way he eyes the apron and how he skims through the recipes, avoiding your stare as he picks out the night’s menu. It could be that he has two left feet and could do with a dancing class before he entertains everyone at the next event. It’s all about what he needs. But be sure to get him something that he would have an interest in, else he might take offense.

A Hot Sauce Kit

Maybe he does not like cooking but appreciates a spicy meal. And he goes with the mantra that the hotter the spices, the more he will enjoy the food. Get him a hot sauce kit. He can spend time making sauces when he is free, and he can use them in his food. His buddies will get a kick out of how hot the sauces are and will probably have eating competitions to see who’s the bravest. Who knows? His sauces might be so good that you can do a business out of selling them.


Experiences sell because they form a significant part of our memories. With this in mind, how about getting him tickets to something that he loves doing? If he enjoys a good game with his friends, get him a ticket to a sports game where he can holler at the action at close range. For concert-loving guys, get him tickets to his favorite bands. And for the theater lovers, how about getting them tickets to one of the most sold-out shows of the year? If you are not one to attend games, concerts or shows, get him two tickets such that he can tag a friend along. 

A Bathrobe

Sure, this might sound a little off, given that you are gifting a man. However, it is not as it is one of the easiest ways to make him more comfortable around the house. He can lounge in it all day as he cools off after a bath. Men, too, want to feel spoilt and you can couple this gift with a spa voucher, you will have made his night. After all, he also has aches resulting from long days at work and needs something to ease that tension.

What does your man need? Think of gifting in this line, and you will seldom go wrong.


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