The Practical Benefits of Smart Working for People’s Lives


Smart working and new ways of working remotely are now spreading to all parts of the world, disrupting many people’s weekly routines and allowing them to devote many more hours to themselves, their passions, or even simply to friends and loved ones.

Covid-19, over the past two years, has dramatically accelerated a process that was already fully underway, and which seems to have found its culmination in these very months, when international health emergency restrictions are about to be lifted in virtually every corner of the world, at a time when the Coronavirus seems to be much less frightening than before.

Many people still do not seem to have adjusted to the new ways of working: for some unfathomable reason, all of these people are still firmly entrenched in the traditional ways of thinking about work, their dear desk with Apple computers and the bus, subway, car or train commute without which they cannot seem to live.

Those who cannot accept the change taking place are so attached to their habits, to their usual way of working, that they seem to regard all these changes as a clear threat to their serenity, to their mental (and physical) peace of mind, but also to their work performance and overall productivity.

Inevitable change

These feelings do not grip only the most experienced workers, or all those employees who after thirty or forty years of service would not want to change their habits so radically: among the most reluctant there is also a large segment of young workers who do not seem to have confidence in working remotely, and who continue to cling desperately to work from the office, which seems to give them great security.

The greatest fear, for all of them, is the belief that they cannot replicate their office performance even in their home spaces, or wherever else they elect as their personal workstation. It is unfortunate that some of the most skeptical are young people because change is not only imminent, but it is also completely inevitable.

Many companies-including some of the largest international banking groups, like Intesa Sanpaolo are taking steps to reduce weekly workdays from five to four and to incorporate smart working moments into staff work plans. The goal is simple: to build a new business model in which people are increasingly evaluated based on their actual productivity, not on the amount of time they spend in the office.

The change is truly epochal because it will not only sweep away and destroy all the old patterns related to work, but will also have a real impact on people’s private lives, the quality, and enjoyability of their existences, allowing them to have more free time to devote to themselves and their families. All the hours that used to be spent getting to the office, for example, will magically be transformed into extremely pleasant moments to devote only to themselves, their own well-being, or self-improvement, thus greatly elevating the overall quality of life.

A shorter workweek

If the work week really does come to comprise only four days, instead of five, it will mean that people will have as many as three full days to themselves alone, with the ability to travel much more easily to any leisure or entertainment locations, even abroad. This time can also be used in a much more productive way, devoting it, for example, to learning some specific skill, enhancing an existing skill, or otherwise engaging in enjoyable activities that trigger natural feelings of well-being.

Free time can also be used rationally to find new genres of entertainment, perhaps devoting a few hours of one’s day to exploring all the entertainment options available online. How many of us can claim to be perfectly familiar with all the Apps that could be downloaded to our smartphones, or all the interesting sites that could be reached at the click of a button? Having an extra day a week also means having the opportunity to broaden one’s horizons, pushing into uncharted and fascinating territories.

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To be able to have more time for ourselves nowadays means to breathe deeply the breeze of freedom, with all its endless and wonderful possibilities.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.