What To Look For When Upgrading Your Everyday Handbag


What would we do without our trusty handbag? It doesn’t just look good and house our wallets, it’s the key to an organized and happy life. Diary, lip balm, pen, hair tie, you name it, we’ve got it. So, when there is this much at steak, it’s important to think carefully before you upgrade to a more beautiful model. You obviously want your new handbag to be on trend and stylish but it’s also important to think about functionality as you’ll find yourself dipping in to it more often than you’d care to realize. Continue reading to find out what points to consider when the time finally comes to upgrade your handbag.


Any one else have to check that they have everything they need about three times before they leave the house? Keys? Yep. Wallet? Of course. Phone? Yes. Most women will agree that when you’re rushing around trying to cram your busy lifestyle into a measly 24 hours a day choosing a handbag that can withstand your hectic schedule is a must. Choosing a hard wearing and durable material will ensure that your new bag can withstand everything you throw at it and will keep it looker newer for longer. Investing in a neoprene bag is a great idea for women who need something tough. They are strong, washable and even waterproof meaning that you can do almost anything without worrying about your new purchase. As it’s so resistant to the elements it’s will also look pristine for longer, nothing better than making your dollars stretch further. If it’s an investment piece you’re looking for then leather may be the material for you. It’s incredibly strong and starts to look even better with ware meaning that the longer you have your bag the better it will look. If leather isn’t for you then you can also choose vegan leather alternatives or a nylon blend material, these won’t be as resilient but you’ll definitely be contributing to a greener environment by making that decision.


Style is key and you can tell a lot about a person by what handbag they choose to wear. Sling bags are set to become hugely popular in 2020 which is great if you like to keep a lot of backup items in your handbag for the “just in case” moments. Sling bags are spacious and you can store a lot of items without compromising your look. The only downside to rocking a slouchy sling bag is that there isn’t usually many compartments inside so if you’re not careful it could take to 20 minutes just to find what you’re looking for; not ideal for busy women who are on the go. If you prefer a more sophisticated look then you’ll be happy to hear that crocodile embossed leather tote bags are making a comeback and were dotted throughout out all the huge runway shows this year.


You know best when it comes to choosing the right handbag for you. You use your bag everyday and know exactly what you need when it comes to choosing the right one. If you’re forever losing items in your bag then making sure your new bag has lots of compartments could make your life a whole lot easier. On the flip side if you struggle to fill your bag and like minimising any form of clutter then downsizing may be the best option. The bottom line is to choose something that’s practical and suits your needs because if you ignore this key recommendation then regardless of how pretty your new bag looks you’ll regret your investment.


By considering durability, style and functionality when upgrading your handbag you’ll find it easy to part with your old one and move onto bigger and better things with your new perfect match.

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