How to Choose a Bag to Flatter Your Figure


Handbags are the most important fashion accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. They come to complement any outfit and play no less important role in building one’s stylish image than a dress or a blouse. A bag can actually play a significant role in emphasizing one’s best features and hiding imperfections. Although they are just stylish accessories, you should know how to choose a bag that will be right for your figure. So, let’s study bag types and their compatibility with different body shapes.

Handbags for Thin and Tall Women

Tall and thin women are the luckiest ones when it comes to choosing different handbag styles. They can try any shape and style, from big knapsacks and backpacks to elegant clutches, messenger bags or shoulder bags. However, tall and thin girls are advised to avoid bags that are too small, as they are likely to make them look even taller. Think about wearing medium-sized or large bags with big prints.


Handbags for Petite and Short Women

The main fashion rule for tiny girls is to think about proportions. Small girls should choose only small bags. Never be tempted by a stylish large bag, in which you can carry your notebook, beauty kit and some additional clothes. Such bags will make you look shorter than you actually are. The ideal option is to choose a cute small bag (over-the-shoulder or over-the-arm). If you choose an over-the-shoulder bag, it shouldn’t sit below your hips. In the case of shoulder bags, they should hang at the level of your bust to make you look taller.

Handbags for Those with Wide Hips

Your task is to shift the attention from your hips to the upper part of your body. The best option will be a bright and colorful shoulder bag of medium size. Short straps are obligatory, as the bag should sit right under your arm. Never choose an over-the-shoulder bag that will go down to your midriff or hips, as this will make your hips look even wider. Also avoid big totes as well as bags with big funky details.

Handbags for Those with Big Busts

Women with bigger busts should forget about tiny handbags with short handles. You should shift the attention to your hips; therefore, go for bags with longer handles, messenger bags or elegant bags that you can carry over the arm, like a Hermes Birkin.

Handbags for Those with an Athletic Figure

Women with an athletic body shape should stay away from similar styles of handbags. Narrow and angular bags, including rectangular clutches, will give roughness and simplicity to your figure. It’s better to opt for plump, rounded bags in the form of backpacks with some interesting details, such as embroidery or studs on the straps or handles.

Handbags for Those with a Plus-Size Figure

Plus-size women should choose well-tailored bags of average sizes. Think large bags with some bright prints or oversized clutches. You might like to attract attention with the original design of your handbag. Unfortunately, you should forget about small clutches or tiny handbags.


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