Funny Yet Formal Invites: How To Get The Best Of Both


The perfect wedding invitation to announce your impending marriage to your family, friends and acquaintances should be both stylish and elegant, but also reflect your true personalities. Traditional formal wedding invitations may be beautiful and sophisticated, but oftentimes they can also be overly serious, sombre and boring.

A wedding is a joyous and happy occasion that should be fun for everyone in attendance. To get your guests in the party mood, funny yet formal personalized wedding invitations provide the ideal solution. Modern wedding invitations and wedding related stationery that are infused with personality and humor stand out from other invitations that your guests may also receive in the post.

If you love the thought of bespoke personalized wedding invitations that are creative, funny, witty and classy, there are plenty of original, unique and inspired ideas and concepts that you can make your own.


Witty Wedding Invites

If you prefer your humor on the subtle side you can create personalized wedding invitations that feature witty wording. Show off your personality by customizing your wedding invitations with a personalized message that your family and friends will find funny and instantly associate with you and your beloved.

Invite your family and friends to join you at the Wedding of the Year by ‘drinking champagne and dancing on the tables’. Highlight the witty text with an attractive font, swirly calligraphy, foil detail and/or metallic ink. People who know you well will admire your sense of style and humor.

Interactive Wedding Invitations

If you love a good laugh you can always create original personalized wedding invitations that are interactive and fun. The perfect design format for your customized wedding invitations features a variety of sections for essential information and guest participation. Present your names, wedding date and venue in a clear and easy to read fashion, as these are the most important aspects of the wedding day.

Let your imagination and creativity run wild, and come up with multiple choice options that your guests can select or fill in the blanks. These can include, but are not limited to, the type of guest the person is, what they’re most looking forward to enjoying at your wedding – the free drink/dancing on the tables/a good night out etc, as well as the likely behaviour – will try not to make a scene/will flirt with all the guests/will show up drunk. To enjoy a good old belly laugh when you receive your guest RSVPs, add a section for the gift that they intend to bring along to your wedding – nothing/something cheap from your wish list/something homemade/tons of cash.


Photo Opportunities

One of the easiest and most popular ways to create funny yet formal personalized wedding invitations is to decorate your invite with a photo. Choose a photograph that features you and your future spouse in a quirky pose, or a variety of photos that jointly tell a story. You can embellish the image with wacky, humorous captions and comments or witty words that transform the presentation of the wedding invite design into a comic book style. Customize the personalized wedding invitations with anecdotes about how you first met, your first kiss, how your fiancé proposed, and embarrassing stories about your relationship that you’re comfortable sharing with all of your guests.

Photo booth pictures of the happy couple are a great decorative option for personalizing your wedding invitations. Head for the nearest photo booth with your other half, and pull funny faces whilst you make each other laugh and the camera clicks away. If you’re super organized you can also design message boards with the wedding date/venue information, to hold up whilst you’re having your photo taken in the booth.

Opposites Attract

Celebrate your uniqueness, personalities and differences by sharing information about your likes and dislikes with your family and friends. Design a simple ‘opposites attract’ wedding invitation that highlights a variety of things that you individually love or detest. Show off your sense of humour by choosing topics that provide answers that clash. Include your favourite movie, book, hobby, activities, places, and whatever makes you giggle. Don’t worry that your answers may appear that you’re highly mis-matched as a couple!


Play On The Puns

If you’re a naturally funny person embrace your sense of style and humor and play on the puns. Design your personalized wedding invitations around a particular joke, silly message or funny theme. The wedding invitations can include a cartoon illustration to accompany the humorous text, or a photograph that conveys the perfect expression. Ask an artistic friend to help you out with the design and layout, if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Make ‘Em Laugh

Give your guests a good chuckle with a funny yet formal wedding invitation that hides a secret message. Multi-fold out personalized wedding invitations feature a hilarious graphic print statement that is bewildering, confusing or dramatic on the front, and unfold to reveal the real details of your nuptials inside. This text only design works best when you incorporate a striking font and two contrasting colors. You can also include a tear-off reply section to make it easy for your guests to RSVP.


Keep It Simple

A great funny but formal wedding invitation doesn’t have to be overly clever to put a smile on someone’s face. Personalized wedding invitations that simply state the bare facts of the special day can be highly effective and amusing. Draw up a ‘chain of events’ of what guests can expect and enhance with your authentic humor.


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