Top 5 Wedding Ring Trends for 2020


Welcome to wedding season! Marriages are looming around the corner; it’s the time of the year when couples desire to bond permanently. You therefore need to spice up this season with the best wedding rings.

Are you hoping to be on the receiving end? This is the best time to think about the rings that suit your standards. A wedding is the best decision you will make for your lifetime, so you need to go through the top 5 wedding ring trends for 2020 as follows.

Colored-stone wedding rings

Are you looking for a ring that stands out from other types of wedding rings? This ring has the colored feature stone that is mounted to other smaller stones which surround a high-clarity diamond. You can choose from the gemstones and colored diamonds in colors ranging from red, yellow, pink, green, purple and blue.

Colored stones wedding rings have a fantastic appearance that captivates the viewers to have a positive feeling about it. Different colors mounted on this ring make it suitable to anybody who likes rings with colors.

Additionally, the ring matches with any type of dress and top outfits that you may like to put on. Colored stones wedding rings can used as men’s wedding rings and women rings because they are designed to suit both gender.

Not-so-classic solitaires wedding rings

Solitaire rings are not boring! You have to change your perception towards this ring because it is made with an unexpected metal which adds instant attractive feeling on it. Not-so-Classic Solitaires is oval-shaped with a few accent pave diamonds on the band to make it unique and classic in nature.

The oval-shaped nature makes it compatible with other jewelry that a bride uses. This ring will be trendy in 2020 because of its classy and attractive nature.

Georgian-inspired wedding rings

Georgian-Inspired are vintage rings designs which have an inspiration from the Georgian era. This makes this ring to have a stunning appearance. It is built with the Geometric gemstones, pearls, cluster rings together with the bordered designs which are popular today to make rings  more presentable.

These rings represent the natural themes together with the intricate shapes. This ring has open facets that are designed to allow more light reflection. These rings maximizes on fire, flash together with brilliance of the diamonds.

This Georgian ring style theme is consistent in ribbon work, flowers and butterflies themes. Georgian-Inspired wedding rings are delicately shaped with metal works which are intricate like the doves, acorns, scrolls, flowers and wheat stalks.

Multi-stone bands wedding rings

Are you desperately looking for a wedding ring? Multi-stone ring is a unique, unconventional and a multi-stone band meant for you. This ring gives you a feeling that makes you to have the creative freedom.

These rings have classic features stone together with smaller diamond accents. However, you have a choice to go for artistic designs, edgy bands and mismatched cuts. Your choice of the design ring matters to make a ring that goes hand in hand with your taste and preference.

Emerald cut wedding rings

These rings are rectangular in shape, sharp with an emerald-cut diamond to make it have a cool appearance. Any bride who is classy and need a classic ring should go for a Centre emerald-cut diamond that has a pave setting around the band.

A large emerald-cut lab grown diamonds should be paired with baguette diamonds to make it more appealing and inspiring in nature. This ring is usually cut differently from other diamonds to create brilliance and sparkle more effective. The long facets in this stone shape create bright and sustained flashes other than all-over sparkle.

Final verdict

The new year is around the corner, having clean idea about wedding rings can help you narrow down to the best wedding ring styles that are suitable for your bride.  The best choice for your bride makes her feel great. When it comes to wedding rings, narrow down to the emerging new trends that will make your lover feel great.

The 2019 wedding season needs you to prepare loads of color, epic amounts of sparkle and natural designs where brides embrace different gemstones. Higher quality stones are prioritized to size and style of the ring.


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