What Is a Diffuser and How Do I Use It?


2020 has been tough. Everything going on in the world lately is enough to leave anyone feeling more stressed and anxious than usual.

It’s only natural that many people are looking for new ways to take a little extra care of themselves. In fact, even before this wild ride of a year, the wellness industry was experiencing rapid growth.

Everyone has their own way of keeping the calm in their lives. Today, we’re talking about one of our favorites.

Essential oil diffusers are a really simple way to inject peace and happiness into your home, but what is a diffuser, and how does one use it?

We’re going to be taking you through everything you need to know about aromatherapy, essential oil diffusers, and how to use one to make your home an instantly more tranquil space.

What Are Essential Oils?

Before we get into diffusers, let’s start with the basics. The stuff inside your diffuser: essential oils.

Lately, essential oils and aromatherapy have experienced a lot of popularity, but they’re not a modern invention. Quite the opposite, in fact. Aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years.

Ancient civilizations in places such as Egypt, China, Greece, and India all had their own beliefs surrounding the properties of aromatic herbs and plants.

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils made up a big part of ancient life. Different cultures used oils extracted from these plants in religious ceremonies, as medicine, and even for cosmetic purposes.

Though the extraction process is a little different today, the basic principle of aromatherapy remains the same.

Different Uses for Different Oils

Like ancient civilizations before us, today, we have different uses based on the particular properties of different oils. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular types.

If you’re looking to achieve a sense of calm, oils such as lavender, jasmine, and rose are thought to be great for reducing anxiety.

When you want to improve your mood and boost your energy levels, peppermint, lemon, or rosemary might help.

Even certain skin conditions are said to be improved by oils such as eucalyptus and bergamot.

The world of aromatherapy is fascinating. If you do your research, you’re likely to be able to find an extraction to help with almost any ailment. There are many different ways essential oils can be used. Let’s take a look at some.

Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are so many creative ways to incorporate essential oils into just about any space.

You can make a spray to spritz in whichever room needs a little zhuzh; apply directly to your skin for an all-day scent sensation, or add a few drops to your bath-water for the most relaxing soak you’ve ever had.

One of the best ways to really get the most out of essential oils, though, is with the help of an essential oil diffuser. Read on for all our tips and tricks on using an essential oil diffuser in your home.

What Is a Diffuser?

A diffuser is a device that naturally and evenly disperses the scent of an essential throughout whatever space it’s in. There are a few different kinds of diffusers you can get. Reed diffusers and candle diffusers are the more low-tech options, but for maximum aroma appreciation, we love electric diffusers.

Tips for Using an Electric Diffuser

The good news is, using a diffuser is a relatively simple process. If you’ve never used a diffuser before, and you’re looking for a detailed guide, see this post on how to use an oil diffuser.

In the meantime, we’ll go over the basics, as well as some small things that are often overlooked but can end up having a big impact on your end result.

Oil Diffuser Basic Use Instructions

First thing’s first, if you want to get to know your new diffuser, reading the instruction manual is always a good idea. This will let you know if it has any quirks to look out for, how to properly open it, and all that good stuff.

Once you’ve chosen the oil or oils, you want to use, lift off the top of your diffuser and pour in some water. Your diffuser will most likely have a line inside telling you where you need to fill it up to.

For best results, you should try to make sure the water is room temperature and that you’re using distilled or filtered water. Tap water can leave behind sediment that may damage your diffuser.

Now it’s time to add your oil. How much you need to use will depend on the size of the room your diffuser is in. Around 3 drops should be good for an average-sized room.

Replace the lid of the diffuser and plug it in, and that’s it! Your essential oil diffuser is ready to fill your home with gorgeous, long-lasting scents.

Finding the Perfect Place

Here are just a few hints to help you find the perfect place for your new oil diffuser.

You’ll want to place it on a steady, flat surface, and it will need to be within reach of a socket, of course.

You should try to make sure it’s placed as close to the center of the room as possible. This will ensure its scent is distributed evenly into every corner.

Since the diffuser emits a very fine mist, you should keep it far away from anything, such as books, magazines, or posters, that might be affected by this.

Similarly, some diffusers will leak a little liquid from time to time. Try placing it on top of a towel or tray so as not to damage the surface underneath.

Keep It Clean

Finally, if you want to ensure your diffuser is working to its full potential for many years to come, you should clean it on a regular basis. With all the great things it will do for you, it’s nice to show it a little love in return.

Cleaning your diffuser is a pretty easy process, and it’s recommended you do this between each use, if possible.

Before cleaning, make sure your diffuser is unplugged and all of the residual water has been emptied out.

Then take a small brush, some warm water, and dish detergent or rubbing alcohol if you have it. Gently brush around the inside of the diffuser until it’s completely clean, and voilà, you’re all done!

You’re Ready to Experience the Magic of Essential Oils

Now you’re in the know, the only thing left to do is to decide on the scents you want to fill your home with. After all, what is a diffuser without essential oils? Whether you want to create a calm and quiet sanctuary to relax and unwind or make a vibrant and energetic space you can be inspired, the world of fabulous scents is now yours to explore.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.