10 Chic Curly Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Fall

curly bob hairstyles for fall 8

Bobs have been on top of the haircut request list for a very good reason: chic style – no fuss. The shorter length makes it easier to style your hair pretty without having to commit to a high-maintenance routine. Historically, the bob announced the wearers’ break from tradition and it was a rebellious act. That said, it brought countless clients to the salons with a request to cut their locks short. There were even salons that were specializing in “a rushing business with bobbing.” The bob haircut made its first foray into the in 1915 when the fierce ballroom dancer Irene Castle cut her hair into a short bob as a matter of convenience. History was made – the haircut was then referred to as the Castle bob. While the bob has many variations, today we want to discuss the beauty and versatility of the curly bob. Accidently, Irene’s bob that has started all was styled curly. Fast forward in 2019, we have endless styling options for bobs with locks. Check out the chicest curly bob hairstyles below.

curly bob hairstyles for fall
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One of the sexiest ways to style bob haircut is the wet look effect. It gives you that seductive I-just-walked-out-of-the-pool effect. The style could be achieved with a generous amount of hair gel applied on damp hair and some extra helping of glossing and hair spray.

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