The Prettiest Copper Hair Colors For Winter

Best Copper Hair Colors For Winter

Copper hair got everyone obsessed during 2019’s cold season. According to Pinterest searches, this gorgeous, toned-down shade of red is not going anywhere soon. Requests for copper hair are on the rise in salons as well, with clients getting this wearable color customized to their preferences. As a more subtle shade of red, everyone can easily pull off being a redhead without taking major risks. We sourced the prettiest copper dye jobs to show you the versatility and beauty of this warm color and get your inspiration going.

best copper hair colors for winter
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Winter calls for warmth and cozy feels. So, it’s no wonder that this rich shade is the number one dye job for the season. Depending on your preferences, you can dye your tresses in different shades of copper ranging from vibrant orangey dye jobs to deep, almost brown hair colors.

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