Shop the Biggest Fall Trend: Lavender is Here to Dethrone All Pastels

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While Ultra Violet is the color of yesteryear, it’s pastel sister is alive and well in 2019. Lavender managed to dethrone millennial’s favorite pale pink and gain even more fame than the electric purple Color of the Year 2018. There’s no doubt that the world of fashion and beauty is obsessed with all shades pastel RN. However, if you are sick of the already-seen pastels, lavender will give you that dose of excitement like no other pale hue.

As a pastel shade, lavender can easily replace neutral beige shades and add a dose of freshness to your fall outfits. Be it an office attire that you want to brighten up or special event where you need a freakum dress to impress, this light purple tone is here to deliver. And speaking of tones, you have many choices with this hue – whether you prefer your lavender deep and dusty or light and airy, it’s easy to find a favorite as there are so many options.

Opposite of what you may think, lavender looks great with a wide range of colors. Think of killer outfits you could make with this hue and emerald green, safety orange, hot pink, deep purple, buttery yellow, metallic silver and more. Lavender is the perfect compromise for purple enthusiasts who are not ready to wear loud tones. We invite you to make lavender your statement shade of fall following the many influencers and makeup gurus that can’t stop flaunting pale purple outfits and makeup looks. Here are the hottest lavender pieces along with a few beauty products for you to hop on this chic color trend in style.

lavender fashion trend

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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