Don’t Miss out on These Benefits of Custom Magnets


Custom or promotional magnets are effective, powerful, and affordable products for reinforcing brand identity. They’re easy to produce, and you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a magnet that meets your needs perfectly.

When it comes to locating the appropriate magnets of any size or kind, there are companies like MagnetStreet that are ready to help. They’ll collaborate with you to generate magnets that match your budget, brand, and the outcome will be an efficient promotional product that stands out to your audience.

They’ll make your logo or message unique by printing and designing your preferred magnets at an affordable price. If you’re still uncertain about ordering these promotional products, the benefits listed below will convince you otherwise.


Custom magnets are one of the most affordable handouts for bulk promotions. Since they’re manufactured in bulk, they have the lowest prices per impressions, making them perfect options for budget promotions. They’re cheaper than most traditional advertising techniques such as electronic media and print advertisements.


In comparison to several other kinds of promotional items, promotional magnets are much portable and smaller. If you’re carrying them to hand out to your audience, there’s no need to arrange for specialized transportation.

This will help you save on logistic costs. Furthermore, if you wish to mail them, it’s easy to do so because of their shape, size, and cheap postage since magnets are naturally lightweight. For this reason, when it comes to the ease of magnet distribution, a few promotional items can come close to the convenience provided by custom magnets.

Brand Promotion

Regular impressions improve brand recall. On average, people open their fridge 20 times daily. This means that you’ll gain from brand exposure. You can select from a range of magnets, including calendar magnets, save the date magnets, and shaped magnets.

Functional and Versatile

When it comes to functionality, models such as calendar magnets help recipients plan their tasks and schedules. You can also imprint calendars with local events to offer information and increase the popularity of the logo items. You’ll discover that imprinted magnets can promote any kind of business and the imprinted information will remain for a long period.

Visually appealing

Magnets will always grab the attention of target clients because of their quirky charm. You can personalize them with interesting taglines, artwork, and quotes. Moreover, you can encourage customers to examine your message and brand closely.

Tips to help your Design Stand out


Develop a design that isn’t overwhelming with a lot of text. Make it engaging by selecting the most suitable image and a brief message that will draw attention easily. Ideally, you should imprint tailored business magnets with more images than text.

Color Harmony

The colors you use should be pleasing to the eye and the imprinted information must stand out. You can align the text color to make it easily noticeable. Ensure you don’t make the magnet’s colors sync to make it appealing and stunning.

Message Clarity

Magnets aren’t meant to tell your brand’s evolution. Rather, they’re supposed to let the prospective customers know about your services and products. Make sure you maintain the surprise element by not disclosing too much.

A well-customized magnet will make the perfect tool for your business and if you’re seeking creative ones, MagnetStreet is the ideal place for customized magnets.