Wedding Hashtags: The New Wedding Trend of 2021


For all those couples looking to get their big day trending, you’ll want to consider having wedding hashtags. Wedding hashtags serve as you and your partner’s relationship slogan. It’s the perfect phrase to solidify your union while also being a great way to share your wedding day moments on social media.

What Are Wedding Hashtags?

You can think of wedding hashtags as a creative way to brand you and your fiance’s relationship. It’s a fun slogan that in one way or another represents your love, friendship, personality, and wedding day.

There are many ways to use a wedding hashtag once you create one, but its main purpose is to organize your wedding day memories on social media. Ultimately, you’ll want to have a wedding hashtag that’s completely unique and unused. This way, when you and your guests post photos from your big day online using the tag, only photos relevant to you will appear.

Think of your wedding hashtag as the ultimate social media filter for all things related to your wedding day. By using your hashtag you’re essentially creating a one-of-a-kind digital photo album where your memories will be stored forever. All you have to do is look up your hashtag in order to uncover all the wonderful posts from your special day.

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Hashtag

If you and your significant other are looking to create the perfect wedding hashtag for your upcoming wedding, you have a variety of different options. Let’s dive in!

1. Wedding Hashers- Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

Wedding Hashers is a professional wedding hashtag service in which real writers come up with hashtag options for you and your partner.

How It Works

To get started with the Wedding Hashers process, all you have to do is complete a brief survey with details about your relationship and your wedding day. The survey will ask you for you and your partner’s names, last names, and if you’re taking one last name or combining them.

You’ll then be asked to share details about your relationship such as where you met, where the proposal was, and what your hobbies are. Next, you can add information about your wedding day including the date, theme (boho, rustic, traditional, etc.), and venue. 

Lastly, you’ll be asked about the tone you wish your wedding hashtags to be and how you’re hoping to use them. Once you complete this form, professional hashtag writers will immediately get to work to customize a creative slogan for you and your partner.

While the additional information in the survey isn’t required, the more details you include, the more personalized the writers can make your hashtag. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a list of customized wedding hashtags directly to your email address. Now all you have to do is decide on your favorite one!

Why You Should Use Wedding Hashers

While there are a variety of different ways to get wedding hashtags, using Wedding Hashers will ensure you and your fiancé receive original, never before used hashtags. These hashtags come from the creative minds of professional writers who do this for a living. They fully understand the process in how to customize a slogan strictly for your relationship.

While wedding hashtag generators can be an excellent resource, Wedding Hashers offers a team of professionals who have written over one million wedding hashtags. These writers can customize your hashtag in a way no generator can. Wedding Hashers gets to know you as a couple. They also take requests for any shared hobbies or interests you want to creatively incorporate into your hashtag. Using this service is a great way to ensure you’ll fall in love with your wedding hashtag.

2. Wedding Hashtag Generators

If you’re looking for an alternative method to inspire your quest for the perfect wedding hashtags, consider using a wedding hashtag generator. While there are some cons to using a generator such as the generic results they typically produce, there are also some great benefits.

Wedding hashtag generators are perfect for a quick turnaround. Within less than a second after inputting you and your partners names, you’ll get a whole list of potential hashtag ideas. Generators are also a great value since they come at no additional cost. Another benefit would be that they incorporate your names for personalization. While the results may not be perfectly personalized, a hashtag generator can be an excellent resource to consult for inspiration.

3. Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Lastly, of course you can try to just create your own wedding hashtag! This option will require the most amount of effort but can be a fun brainstorming activity for those creative souls out there.

When it comes to creating your own wedding hashtag, it may help to have a game plan. Think about what kind of hashtag you’re looking for and start getting creative. Popular wedding hashtag structures include creating rhymes, creating puns, or creating alliteration.

Consult a rhyming dictionary and begin writing all the words that rhyme with you and your partner’s names. Remember, throughout the brainstorming process no idea is a bad idea. Every random hashtag you create is simply a stepping stone to inspire that perfect wedding hashtag you’re searching for.

Unleash your inner punny side and begin thinking of sound-alike words to match your names, hobbies, favorite movies, favorite songs, or any other detail that could potentially lead to a personalized hashtag. 

If you find yourself struggling to come up with your own wedding hashtag ideas, remember to take your time. Ideas may hit you when you least expect it. Plus, you can also try getting your friends and family to help you come up with some fun ideas. After all, they do know you best and can help get those creative juices flowing. The more creative minds, the merrier!

Trending Wedding Hashtag Best Practices

No matter which method you use to get your personalized wedding hashtag, once you have one, it’s time to plan out how you will use it. To inspire you, here are the top trendy ways to display and use that awesome hashtag of yours!

Include Your Hashtag On Your Digital Invites And Thank You Cards

Get your guests to immediately start thinking about your hashtag by putting it on your digital wedding invitations. This is your first opportunity to announce the tag that represents you and your partner’s relationship.

Ultimately, a wedding hashtag’s purpose is to sort your memories on social media. In order for it to be most effective, you’ll want your guests to be actively encouraged to use it. Spread awareness that you’ll be having a wedding hashtag by spelling it out on your digital invites before the wedding, then remind your guests once more on your thank you cards after the wedding.

Wedding Hashtags On Wedding Favors

As a parting memento to thank your guests for their support and presence during your big day, many couples decide to offer wedding favors. These favors are traditionally displayed near the exit of a venue for all the guests to take home when leaving for the night.

Not only are wedding favors a sweet souvenir to commemorate your big day, but they also are the perfect place to put your wedding hashtag. This will be the last subtle reminder of your special slogan and will hopefully serve to remind your guests to use your hashtag as they sort through their memories from the night and post their favorites in the days to follow.

Furthermore, having your wedding hashtag on your favors just makes for lovely keepsakes. Choose to stamp your hashtag on matchbook favors or print your hashtag on the label of your souvenir candle or homemade honey. No matter what favors you decide to give out, there’s definitely a creative way to incorporate your wedding hashtag onto it.

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception can provide an excellent source of entertainment for you and your guests. Who doesn’t want to pose for funny pictures, wear obscure hats, and hold up silly props?

Whether you opt for a traditional booth or have a designated photo area, this would be an ideal spot to showcase your wedding hashtag. You can have your hashtag printed on signs and other props for your guests to hold up in the photo booth. Or you can customize the template of the photo booth printing paper to have your hashtag printed along the bottom.

Should you opt for a designated photo area or wall, consider hanging your hashtag up by spelling it out in flowers or lighting up the venue with a wedding hashtag neon sign to pose under.

Add Your Hashtag To Decor Pieces

Another way to get the most use out of your wedding hashtag would be to use it in various decor pieces. Think of all the ways you can creatively add your hashtag to your tablescapes for each guest to see. Having your wedding hashtag easily accessible is a great practice in order to remind your guests to use your hashtag throughout the night while also being a reference as to exactly how it’s spelt.

You can consider adding your hashtag to napkins, napkin rings, cups, wine glasses, utensils, and more. Even having a simple sign at each table that displays your wedding hashtag on it can be a fun way to decorate your venue.

Enjoy Your Wedding Hashtags!

Now that you’re an expert in all things wedding hashtags, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hashtags whether through a professional service like Wedding Hashers, a hashtag generator, or by creating them yourself. Once you’ve settled on the perfect wedding hashtag for you and your fiancé, you can begin to customize some of your decor to showcase that special slogan.

When your wedding day arrives be sure to advertise your hashtag as much as possible. The more your guests are encouraged to use your one-of-a-kind wedding hashtag, the more memories you’ll get posted under your tag to view again and again for years to come.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.