The Best Men’s Accessories for Any Occasion


The key to success in social situations is not an exact science. While all the etiquette and conversation starters you’ve been practicing will help you on your way, there’s no denying that confidence is a key ingredient for ensuring things go smoothly.

If it’s for the summer work party, a fancy first date or even something more casual, there’s no better way to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin than with a sharp outfit. We’ve all been there, standing at the mirror in your carefully-chosen attire, but you can’t help but feel like there’s something missing.

Whether it’s a bold statement piece with a pair of new shoes, or a subtle injection of class with some shiny silver jewellery, accessories are the secret answer. With this quick guide, you’ll have the inspiration and knowledge you need to feel and look your best for any occasion.

Casual occasions

Perfect for hitting the town with your friends or having a BBQ on the beach, minimalistic and practical accessories allow you to focus on the good times while still feeling properly equipped.

Leather and wood has made a resurgence in the world of jewellery, their neutral looks complimenting most colour schemes without drawing all the attention away from your outfit. Engraved wooden bracelets and beaded leather necklaces are everywhere in the fashion scene and their look only improves with wear, so no matter what you’re doing, there’s a piece for you.

If you want to make more of a statement while still properly dressed for the occasion, comfy chunky shoes and a distinct pair of sunglasses are your best bet. Yellow, red and mirrored lenses provide vital eye protection from the summer sun while complimenting and drawing attention to your facial features.

Black tie events

Though black tie and similarly-refined occasions often suggest their own dress code for attire, they don’t say anything about accessorising to maximise your look. In contrast to the clean, sharp but ultimately plain world of black suits, jewellery should be intricate and eye-catching.

A sturdy metal watch never fails to impress, and with your suit ideally tailored to expose the right amount of cuff, this practical piece can be a bold statement in and of itself. Just be careful not to overdo it; a watch pairs well with a nice set of cufflinks, but any more and the look feels disorganised. If that sounds a bit too bulky for your taste, don’t worry.

Accessories for fancy affairs is a quality over quantity balancing act. Precious metals, too, are fairly plain but can be greatly improved with the right details. A lot of the visual appeal in platinum or silver jewellery is in its high-quality materials and detailed design. Engravings and precious gemstones are small additions but completely transform even the most basic pieces of jewellery, with both gold and silver bracelets for men and women being long-standing staples of refined accessorising in their own right.

The Best Men’s Accessories for Any Occasion

Dinner dates

Whether a long-overdue meal with a friend or dressing for a romantic evening date, when it comes to one-on-one social events, making sure you look and feel your best is imperative. Ensuring everything in your outfit is just right has never been more important. Evening dos like these blend the best aspects of personal, casual dressing with the high-class flair of an invitation-only event.

Giving your leather shoes a quick buff shows you know how to take care of your appearance, whilst not alienating or trying to completely outclass the other person. Similarly, with jewellery, you’re looking for a nice middle ground. Wear something high quality – a metal bracelet, maybe a simple pendant, in silver or gold – but nothing extravagant or excessive.

Rings can be worn too, but as a rule for more casual occasions, only wear one on each hand and avoid the ring finger so you don’t give your date the wrong impression. Simple but well-executed accessories like these just radiate class. These staples of good taste are versatile and fit most formal or casual outfits as both complementary or feature pieces, depending on how intricately they are detailed.

When it comes to giving you that extra boost of style and confidence you need to stay composed and enjoy the company of others, there’s nothing like accessories. From the ballroom to the beach, every occasion requires something different in order to truly stand out and feel the best you can. So, whenever you’re getting ready to go out to see your friends, colleagues or even a date, you now have everything you need to suit the event and feel great while doing it.