What to Wear on A First Date?

A beautiful young woman putting on makeup in the bathroom and getting ready to go out.

First date outfit might not be the most important outfit in your life, but it certainly becomes a lot more important the moment you realize you actually have a date, but you have no idea what to wear. 

‘’What are the best first date questions?’’ and ‘’How to dress on a first date?’’ are probably the most common questions people ask on Google before having a date. 

Many times, some of the suggestions will really help out, but sometimes we get overflown by the idea of wearing something we usually never do, and then our first date outfit turns out to be the worst idea ever. Sometimes, we need to stop looking at the ways other people do things and just do them our own way. There are many websites showing off beautiful summer dresses you could buy, but maybe you just do not like wearing summer dresses and you prefer short jeans – It is not about what others want you to wear, but about what makes you feel good about yourself. There are many factors to pay attention to when picking what to wear on a date, picking the right colors, feeling comfortable and feeling good wearing it is a priority to keep in mind. It might sound like a rather easy task, but sometimes we can turn the simplest things into a mess. 

Choosing the right colors

Picking the perfect colors for your first date outfit is a challenging thing. You do not want to pick anything that will seem like ‘’too much’’ to your date or people around you. Pick the colors you know you are comfortable wearing, soft shades combined with a dark piece of clothing can do miracles and also make you look like one. 

Feeling comfortable in what you wear

When choosing what to wear on a first date, try to make it as comfortable as you can. You do not want to be sitting in uncomfortable clothes thinking everyone is looking at you and noticing all the things you would usually hide. It is important to pick clothing pieces that make you feel good about yourself, pieces that will make your personality stand out even better! 

Do not be afraid to mix with basics

Basic and casual clothing pieces might seem rather boring at first, but these are usually the most comfortable choice you can go with. While they are comfortable, they are also easily combined with other clothing pieces or fashion accessories. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to try out new ways of pairing your favorite clothing pieces! 

Types of looks

To make things a little bit easier and to give you a slight idea on how it should be done, here are a couple of the most common examples of dating outfits:

A refreshing coffee date look

Coffee date outfits should always be very casual and comfortable, they are usually the best first dates! Pick your clothing pieces depending on the season you are in, do not freeze or sweat just because you want to look pretty. Now it is summer, coffee dates in summer are a lot of fun and very relaxing. Pick clothing pieces designed to keep you comfortable and fun accessories that will make your outfit look a little more pulled together.

A breathtaking romantic dinner look

When it comes to romantic dinners, things can get a little bit more complicated. You must choose clothing pieces depending on the restaurant you are going to have your date at. If you are going to one of the fancy restaurants, you will want to go for a sophisticated look, yet very stylish as well. People are often found picking overdramatic looks which makes them feel uncomfortable throughout the entire date. While you want to look sophisticated, you also want to be able to sit properly, stand up and breathe as supposed to. 

The perfect cinema looks

Finding your perfect look for a date at the cinema is nowhere as complicated as picking your outfit for a romantic dinner. Pick your clothing pieces depending on the season, choose those pieces you feel most comfortable wearing and believe look great on you. Such clothing pieces can be nicely combined with a lovely pair of shoes, flats or pumps do great! A perfect cinema look does not have to be anything very fancy at all, a crop top, ripped jeans and your favorite lipstick will make you look great, but still keep you very comfortable throughout the movie. 

In the end, it really does not matter whether your pair of shoes is branded or not, it does not matter whether it is eye-catching, all that matters is you feeling comfortable and able to show your personality as it really is. Do not wear things you never normally wear on your first date, it can give your dating partner a wrong perception of how you are. Be yourself and do not let anyone influence your style in a way that does not suit you.