How to Wear Rings: The Complete Style Guide


It’s not just a metal band — a ring is a statement piece, especially if you know how to style it. 

Of course, stacking rings or wearing multiple rings at once can be challenging to master. If you’re wondering how to wear rings, though, we’ve got good news: it doesn’t have to be hard. 

Just follow these nine tips for wearing rings to help cultivate your fashion sense and define your style. 

How to Wear Rings

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you will be wearing your rings. Swap them around and try them on in different combinations to see what looks and feels best. However, if you need a little help, we suggest trying these setups: 

1. Thick to Thin

If you prefer geometrically shaped rings, you can try this simple arrangement when wearing rings. Slip your thickest bands onto your pinkies, then work your way inward. Your ring and pointer fingers should have the thinner rings on them, thus creating a metallic ombré effect. 

2. Stack on the Same Finger

If you have a handful of thin rings, then consider learning how to stack them stylishly.

It’s a fine art to stack your rings in an aesthetically pleasing way. First, invest in rings of different sizes: some that slide all the way down your finger and some that sit above the knuckle. 

You don’t have to choose rings that come in the same metal, either. But you might consider keeping things thin so that you can easily stack multiple to create a statement piece. 

On that note, if you want to wear a statement ring, then start your stack there. Then, choose pieces to go around it that accentuate it. 

You can stack multiple rings on the same finger, and you can repeat the same style on other fingers, too. Just be sure to leave at least one finger blank to balance it all out. 

3. Invest in a Gemstone 

You can design your daily ring setup around a special piece or stone. 

If you invest in a gemstone-centric ring, use it as your inspiration. Choose smaller accent pieces in a metallic finish that sets off your stone. 

So, let’s say you purchase a large turquoise ring on a silver band. You can highlight your blue ring with a cool set of cheap sterling silver rings

You can even use the above tips for stacking your rings on the same finger with your gemstone piece at the center of it all. 

4. Stick to One Metal

On that note, if you want to make it easy to coordinate your multiple rings, wear pieces with the same metallic finish. That way, they’re all instantly coordinated — all silver or all gold gives you a polished look. 

And you can continue this trend with the rest of the jewelry you wear for a fully finished look. So, slip on a gold necklace, bracelet or earring set to go with your multiple metallic rings. 

5. Pick a Preferred Finger

When you stack your rings, you can distribute them evenly across your fingers. Or, you can choose one finger to focus on for another type of statement look. 

So, rather than wearing a handful of thin bands, stack them all on your ring or pointer finger. You’ll instantly have a focal point for your ring setup, which makes it easy to create a polished, finished look. 

6. Top It Off With a Pearl

Pearls are very much in style, as of 2020. Even when they’re not trending, though, pearls are timeless — and they make a great addition to your ring setup. 

That’s because pearls add polish, even if the rest of your ring selection is a bit disjointed. You can smooth it over with a classic pearl piece, particularly a statement one with a large piece of oyster treasure at its center. 

7. Accentuate Your Skin Tone

Obviously, you can wear whatever rings you want in whatever color you choose. But if you’re struggling to find inspiration, you might want to find out which metal will look best with your skin tone and go from there. 

For example, experts say that rose gold does nothing for fair skin with red undertones. White gold or silver, on the other hand, flaunts cool, pale coloring. 

Those with tan, olive or dark skin can pull off any shade with ease, so go with your favorite hue instead.

8. Layer Dainty Shapes

Very thin rings in simple shapes, when combined, create a delicate look. 

So, stack thin bands with simple circular shapes, arrows, crosses and any other small detail that you like. Together, the collection will make a statement that’s stylish yet dainty. 

9. One Statement Piece Per Finger

Let’s say you have a jewelry box full of family heirloom rings. You could wear them one at a time, or you could line them up, one on each finger. 

When you have statement rings across each hand, you will have a statement piece akin to a collar necklace or chandelier earring. Plus, wearing all of your heirloom pieces at once makes them feel a whole lot more modern. 

Rock this look when you go somewhere fancy — say, a wedding or work holiday party. Pairing a row of precious pieces with a simple black dress will elevate your look to the next level. 

Show Off Your Style

It’s up to you to decide how to wear rings. But you can start with these nine tips for doing so. Have fun with it — play around until you find a look you like. Then, rock it with confidence. 

How do you stack your rings? Please share your best tips in the comments below to help your fellow fashionistas find their style. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.