Pandora’s Reinventing Itself – Check Out Their Summer Collection Highlights

pandora jewelry summer collection

For years, Pandora has been a name in the jewelry world that was synonymous with their best-selling charm bracelets. The mere mention of their name would conjure up visions of tiny, detailed charms representing everything from careers to beloved Disney characters, and everything else imaginable. In the last few years, though, Pandora’s charm bracelets have fallen somewhat out of favor for the fashion conscious.

In truth, they’re a victim of their own success. After all, it’s hard to be seen as a trendsetter when every woman on Earth seems to be walking around with the same old charm bracelet – even when you convince Ciara to be your spokesperson. That doesn’t mean that Pandora’s glory days are over, mind you. They’re still the largest jewelry maker in the world, and they’re coming back with a whole new line of products that will make you forget all about your well-worn charms and see them in a whole new light. Here are some of the non-charm highlights of the new Pandora summer collection.

Exotic Crown Ring, Pandora Shine

Although Pandora isn’t known for their ring designs, their Exotic Crown Ring is a happy exception. It’s an 18k gold-plated sterling silver ring with a distinctive zig-zag edge, studded with cubic zirconia accents. The level of detail on the rind is incredible, with milgrain detailing all around and raised heart embellishments for a distinctively Pandora look. Better still, you can wear more than one at once by interlocking the zig-zag edge, and even mix in an all-sterling silver variant for a two-tone look you won’t get anywhere else.

Pandora's Reinventing Itself - Check Out Their Summer Collection Highlights

Exotic Stones & Stripes Ring

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, stars-and-stripes designs are everywhere you look. If you want to build a style all your own, though, consider Pandora’s Exotic Stones & Stripes Ring. It’s an all-sterling silver ring with alternating stripes made of white enamel and cubic zirconia stones, that offers a classic look that’s a throwback to a more elegant time. It may be worn alone, or as part of a personalized stack of rings to create a look that’s uniquely yours. You can even use it as an eye-catching spacer in between a pair of the aforementioned Crown Rings – which makes for a perfect combination.

Pandora's Reinventing Itself - Check Out Their Summer Collection Highlights

Exotic Stones & Stripes Bracelet, Pandora Shine

If you love the striped look but want something just a little more colorful, check out the Exotic Stones & Stripes Bracelet in Pandora Shine. It’s similar to the ring version, but is made from 18k gold plated sterling silver, and features a zig-zag pattern of blue enamel and cubic zirconias. Together, they evoke an angular design that looks like interwoven triangles of blue and white. The sliding clasp makes it easy to size for a perfect fit and looks like a logo-embellished bolo that helps the bracelet stand out and turn heads. Once again, Pandora hit a home run with a bracelet, and it probably won’t be their last.

Pandora's Reinventing Itself - Check Out Their Summer Collection Highlights

Sparkling Lion Princess Heart Necklace

If you’re aiming for a look that stands out and gets attention, you can hardly go wrong with Pandora’s new Sparkling Lion Princess Heart Necklace. It’s a unique pendant necklace that features a lioness clasping a heart-shaped cubic zirconia stone in her claws. All of the detail work is highlighted with black enamel, making for a beautiful contrast with Pandora’s blush-pink Pandora Rose metallic blend. It’s a design that doesn’t look like anything else you’ll find, and it’s brimming with style and attitude. Why should the lion king get all the attention, anyway – especially when Pandora’s lioness is ready to give him a run for his money!

Pandora's Reinventing Itself - Check Out Their Summer Collection Highlights

Not Your Mother’s Pandora

As Pandora continues to revitalize their jewelry lines to expand beyond their world-famous charm bracelets, they’re adding some unique and stylish pieces to their lineup. They’re still aiming for the exclusive, upscale retail market, though. If you want to check out the latest in Pandora designs, you still should book an appointment with an authorized retailer like Frank Jewelers to work with an expert jeweler. They’ll know everything there is to know about every item Pandora makes, and may even be able to suggest some combinations you hadn’t thought of. While you’re at it, you can even buck the trend and add some new charms to your collection – don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone your secret.