Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride


One of the most exciting engagement ring trends right now is unique engagement rings. Unique engagement rings give you the opportunity to express more of your personality and individual style. Unique engagement rings can be glamorous, modern, romantic, avant-garde, vintage-inspired, and so much more. With all the different styles of unique engagement rings, you can perfectly match your engagement ring to your unique tastes. 

But which unique engagement ring is right for you? To help you find your perfect fit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Danhov unique engagement rings for the unconventional bride. 

Pear Shaped Eternity Band 

Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

One of our favorite unique engagement ring options is wearing a wedding band as your engagement ring. For a minimalistic take on this idea, go with a slim, delicate wedding band for your engagement ring. Or for a glamorous take on this trend (that will have heads turning from across the room), go with an eternity band like the gorgeous alternating pear shaped diamond eternity band pictured here. 

Double Halo Engagement Ring 

Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

This breathtaking engagement ring features an utterly unique double halo setting. In this design, the inner halo floats around the center diamond, creating an ethereal feel. Then, the outer halo is split; it surrounds the inner halo like two half moons. This outer halo also has a floating effect, as does the gently split diamond set double band, which creates a harmonious look. 

Floral Halo Engagement Ring 

Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

This floral-inspired engagement ring has a stand-out, romantic look. In this design, lines of yellow gold set with shimmering white diamonds wind around each other to create an elegant halo that’s reminiscent of a flower’s petals. This luxe flower rests atop a golden, split shank band set with pave diamonds, which beautifully match the diamonds used in the halo. 

Unique Halo Engagement Ring

Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

This engagement ring is an Art Deco dream. This vintage-inspired engagement ring features a unique geometric halo setting that’s comprised of round and baguette diamonds. This distinctive halo rests atop a wide band that’s channel set with round brilliant diamonds, which echoes the square and round shapes within the halo. 

Round Diamond Engagement Ring 

Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

This rose gold round diamond engagement ring is unlike any other. This ring features a number of unique details that help it stand out from the crowd, such as its flattened claw prongs and its detailed band. This design features a textured band that gently widens to enclose the ring’s center diamond. Along this small split shank detail lie white pave diamonds, which add brilliance and delicate detail to this engagement ring. 

Modern Three Stone Ring 

Unique Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

Who says three stone engagement rings have to be traditional? This contemporary take on the three stone engagement ring turns this classic style on its head. Here, the larger center diamond is held in a mesmerizing suspension setting. This would be unique in and of itself, yet this engagement ring has another unusual touch: the accent stones within the band. Each side of the band widens and splits. Inside each split section of the band lies a smaller round brilliant diamond that is suspended in place. 
This engagement ring has all the hallmarks of a classic three stone engagement ring: one larger center diamond and two smaller side diamonds. Yet, this ring is unmistakably unique. Instead of lying horizontally across the finger, the three center diamonds create an angled vertical line of brilliance. And instead of being set in a more traditional setting, like a bezel or prong setting, all three of these diamonds are suspension set, which gives the illusion that the diamonds are floating.


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