You Should Definitely Try this Immersive Experience When Visiting Amsterdam


Amsterdam is one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. The capital of the Netherlands is known for its distinct artistic heritage and for the large quality of fun things to do within the city. Because of Amsterdam’s reputation, many tourists flock there to attend pub and party crawls. While we don’t think you need to take your partying that far, we definitely think it’s a great idea to visit the Heineken experience the next time you’re in Amsterdam. It will take your trip to the Netherlands to the next level.


The Heineken Experience takes place in the building that used to be the Heineken brewery. The brewery closed when the location seemed unable to keep up with today’s demands, but someone had a genius idea to keep the factory around for tours. Thankfully, this came to be. Though it is no longer a true working brewery, a mini brewery is set up, so you get to see the full process of making Heineken. Now a self-guided tour (or if you really want the full experience, you can book a VIP tour) takes you through the full Heineken process- from brewing to production to bottling, you see it all.


What may be more interesting than the production of Heineken is the story behind it. Heineken grew from a small brewery into a famous powerhouse of the world. You’ll get to hear the full tale on your tour. There are some pretty exciting photo ops there, too, so bring your phone to make sure you make the most of the Instagram-able moments offered, and if you choose to do the self-guided tour, you will need the app on your phone. But, if you’re in it for the full experience, why not try the VIP tour & beer tasting?


And, of course, be ready to taste and drink! Your experience can last anywhere from 90 minutes to a few hours depending on how involved you get in the games and activities. You can get customized beer bottles, and at least three beers are included in your time there. It truly is a full-on event, so plan to set aside time to really enjoy the Heineken Experience during your next trip to Amsterdam.


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