Most unique wedding anniversary jewelry gifts


Looking for beautiful and exceptional wedding anniversary gifts each year can be an intimidating task. Each year, the Wedding Anniversary is the time to stop and look back on your relationship with your partner:

  • How important it is to you
  • How it has grown and changed
  • What your future will be

Giving a gift to your partner from Angel Alchemy Jewelry is a great way to rejoice in your relationship.

However, choosing the perfect anniversary gift can be difficult.

Jewelry gifts are perfect for any anniversary, but “milestone” anniversaries also feature traditional luxury jewelry. 

Each anniversary is associated with metal and jewelry, but the setting options are virtually endless-from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and watches. This guide will give you some ideas and will assist you in choosing the perfect anniversary jewelry for women or men that your loved ones will always appreciate.

1st-anniversary gift idea (Gold)

The first year of marriage is full of valuable memories, and a gift of gold is an excellent way to celebrate it. Choose gold or platinum jewelry for a classic 1st Anniversary gift. Consider rose gold with a unique look, especially popular in modern and vintage styles.

5th Anniversary gift idea (Pink Tourmaline Necklace)

Five years is an amazing milestone that deserves more thoughtful jewelry. Sapphire comes in virtually any color and is very pretty, but you can choose another gem for a more unusual gift idea. The pink tourmaline is very bright and looks great in pendant style.

10th-anniversary gift idea (Diamonds)

The 10th anniversary of marriage is definitely momentous, and of course, the traditional gem of this opportunity is the diamond. Diamonds have long been revered for their extraordinary brilliance, hardness, and grace in many famous jewelry pieces. Sensual and beautiful diamond rings are often reminiscent of the days when the rings were replaced many years ago. Whether classic studs, delicate pendants, or ornate hoops, diamond earrings are a great choice.

20th-anniversary gift idea (Emerald)

The official 20th-anniversary gem is the emerald, whose bright green hue has been recognized as a royal gem. The vintage emerald ring collection features stunning designs and is a great way to remember your 20th anniversary. Whether it’s the charm of sophisticated Victorian design or the mystical art of Art Nouveau, antique emerald rings are a unique and timeless gift.

30th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Pearl)

Pearls take years to form in the sea. They mean beauty and a lasting bond. Pearls are a great way to indicate 30 years together.

You can find jewelry made with cultured and natural pearls. For a 30th wedding anniversary gift, think about a set of pearl pendants or earrings.

15th and 40th-anniversary gift idea (Rubies)

Light the fire of your wedding with flame-colored rubies on your 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. The ruby symbolizes passion and vitality and is a gift from the heart. Select a pendant or bracelet for her or a ring for him in warm shades from light red to dark red to purple.

45th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Sapphire)

Sapphire stands for permanency and has been a perfect symbol for 45 years. Gorgeous blue jewels will make an unforgettable anniversary gift.

There are several ideas, from bracelets to timeless straps.

  • Double Sapphire Halo Necklace
  • Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Sapphire Ring

50th Anniversary gift idea (Gold Wedding Bands)

By the time you reach your 50th wedding anniversary, your wedding ring may be in poor condition. Wearing gold every day, causing wear and tear on the metal, is to some extent inevitable. Many couples withdraw from their original wedding band at this stage of their marriage and choose to purchase a new wedding band to wear. This preserves the original wedding ring for future generations and allows you to enjoy a second set.


You don’t need to stick to tradition. Your jeweler can recommend various anniversary gifts. Choose works that show the exceptionality of your union and match your spouse’s personality. If your anniversary jewelry gift comes from the bottom of your heart, you can’t go wrong. 

Considerate and very general anniversary gifts include:

  • Locket engraved with pictures of you and your loved ones
  • Lover’s birthstone pendant
  • Bracelet
  • Professionally restored and cleaned antique jewelry

The jewelry would last a lifetime and will be a big investment with proper care. Even if you choose jewelry for your loved one on your anniversary, it’s best to go to a local jewelry store and ask an expert. Buying valuable jewelry from unlicensed sources can cause problems. There are plenty of fake diamonds and imitation jewelry online. A trustworthy jeweler probably has the highest quality gems and can give you a reasonable price. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.