7 Ways To Ensure Wedding Guests Feel Comfortable


The comfort and enjoyment of your guests should be a top priority for you and your spouse-to-be for several reasons. First, it makes for great photos. The smiles and laughter seen in your wedding pics will be the hallmarks of a memorable day. It will be easy to spot if your guests are dissatisfied or ill at ease.

Secondly, these friends and relatives dropped everything to come and support you on your big day. Aside from a verbal, heartfelt thank you, you can appreciate their sacrifice by ensuring they are comfortable from the moment they set foot in the venue to when they leave. This is easier said than done, considering we’re not yet fully out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This global health crisis forced people worldwide to change how they interact at social gatherings. To be comfortable, your guests will need reassurance that the risk of infection is minimal. Here are some ways you can increase your guests’ comfort levels.

1. Provide Virtual Options

Shorter guest lists and live streaming have become the distinguishing feature of post-COVID weddings. Even now, when social distancing rules are being relaxed, couples are still providing streaming links to guests who are more comfortable joining the celebrations from a distance.

Offering guests virtual attendance will also help you manage the numbers to observe social distancing. It also means less customizable wedding invitations to send.

2. Make Comfort Items Available

Don’t let the heat oppress your guests if you plan a summer wedding. Paper fans are a relatively inexpensive way of helping your guests keep cool. You can use monogrammed fans to emphasize the theme of your wedding further.

When the forecast for the day is chilly for a fall wedding, you can provide guests with blankets or shawls to make sure the cold doesn’t become a distraction.

3. Spaced-Out Sitting Arrangements

Another way to keep your guests comfortable if temperatures are high on your wedding day is to space out the sitting arrangements. This will be especially ideal if yours is an indoor venue.

In these post-COVID times, your guests will anticipate spaced-out sitting arrangements in line with the social distancing protocols introduced by several states for social gatherings. Even now, when it seems like the worst of the pandemic is behind us, you can give those who still want to be cautious that extra peace of mind.

4. Utilize Umbrellas

Rain or shine, umbrellas are a thoughtful addition to any outdoor event. They will shield your guests against the blazing sun on a hot day. In case there are showers, the brollies will keep your guests dry. They can also serve as a customized keepsake to remind guests of your special day.

5. Consider a Welcome Health Kit

A welcome kit can be a cool way to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols while making your guests feel special. You can have a small basket with a mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer ready for arriving guests at the entrance.

While the authorities have relaxed the protocols in most places, there are guests who will appreciate you taking their health seriously. The welcome kit can also include a fan if yours will be a summer event.

6. Refreshments

In a typical wedding, guests have to wait until the vows are exchanged, and all other formalities are over before they can partake in refreshments. If your wedding begins in the late morning or early afternoon, you can offer them a drink or light snack to carry until lunch is served.

This way, you can be sure all in attendance won’t be distracted by hunger pangs during the most important part of the day.

7. A Sweet and Brief Ceremony

A wedding is about you and your beloved making a lifelong commitment to each other. Everything else is part of the rituals and celebrations that accompany the exchange of those precious vows. With the day’s objective in mind, you can make your wedding as short as you want without taking away the enjoyment.

To avoid keeping your guests seated for hours on end. You can cut down on speeches, sermons, and other non-essentials. A short ceremony in an indoor venue will also lower the chances of COVID-19 infection among guests.

Add Comfort to Your Wedding Plans

Have the comfort and health of your guests in mind when drawing up plans for your wedding. The well-being of the people who have loved and supported you through your journey should be a priority item. With good planning, guaranteeing your attendees’ comfort should not be expensive.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.