How to Choose The Best Jewelry For Your Skin Tone


The key to the success of any look is to correctly match pieces. This refers to absolutely everything from garments to makeup accents to hair tones to jewelry. Yes, jewelry! This is the next most significant aspect of a look that needs to be considered, especially if we discuss the principles of matching jewelry with skin tone. Some people hold the standpoint that jewelry is neutral and can be matched with any skin tone without any concerns and problems. Still, we believe there are a few principles to follow when picking jewelry for yourself.

Learn how to choose the best jewelry for your skin tone below!

General Tips and Tricks

• The very first thing that you need to remember about jewelry is that it should be very comfy and easy to carry.

• In order to prevent tarnished looks, you need to keep jewelry away from water. Perhaps think about applying a light coat of clear fingernail polish to your jewelry for enhancing its longevity.

• Always follow your body’s reaction to the jewelry you have on, since some people might have allergic reactions to some types of jewelry.


Finding Your Skin Tone

First, to match jewelry to your skin tone, you need to know your skin tone. In order to do this, you need a clean face, so wash off all of your makeup and apply your regular moisturizer. After waiting 15 minutes, look in the mirror. Having natural light is also useful. In order to find out the exact shade of your skin, you need to hold a piece of pure white paper to your face. If some pinkish accents appear on the paper, then you have cooler undertones, and if the shade you note on the paper is yellowish, your undertones are warm.

Match warm undertones with warmer colors like red, orange, coral, and gold. Match the cooler undertones with silver, blue, and green. As a rule, there is a close connection between the skin undertone, the shade of the eyes, and the hair color. So this should be taken into account when picking jewelry, as well.

The Right Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Your face shape will also help you pick the right jewelry.


Heart or Diamond Face Shape

• When picking earrings, you need to pay attention to dangle or drop types to visually lengthen the face.

• As for necklaces, chokers will be the most ideal accessory to contrast and soften the sharpness of your chin.

Round or Square Face Shape

• The earrings for this face shape need to be ovular or other angular shapes like rectangles.

• As for the necklaces, you need to pick options with extended forms below the neckline.

Rectangular Face Shape

• Short and round are the ways for picking the earrings, in order to create some contrast between their forms and that of the face.

• Chokers are again a do here, especially if you have a long and beautiful neck.

Oval Face Shape

• As for the earrings, you can choose not too long and dangling options of angular shapes.

• Coming to necklaces, we can note a considerable freedom in choice here, since you can pick both long and short options. Still, if you have a long neck you’d better choose a shorter option.

Matching the Jewelry with the Skin Tone


After knowing everything about matching jewelry shades and shapes with skin types you can easily come up with impressive and cool combinations. There are, in fact, many possible variants of experimenting with jewelry, and that generally refers to the great diversity of the designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. Depending on whether your skin is dark or light, you can opt for a certain type of jewelry, thus picking some golden accents for warm complexions and shades like silver, platinum, and other tones of rose gold. In any case there are some exceptions from these rules. The middle skin tones, for instance, tend to combine the benefits of both groups of tones in one place. In this case the most important factor that needs to be preserved is the balance.

Picking a Supplementary Color

In addition, you can also pick a second complementing shade for your jewelry, going for the duo of the metal and the complementary proper.


• For cool skin shades, options like silver, platinum, and white gold will be especially effective and well-matching.
• And for warmer tones, the correspondingly warmer metals are suggested, like gold, pewter, brass, and copper.


Complementary Colors

• Cool skin tones require white pearls and diamonds as key shades, and expanding to jewel tones, the options like pink, blue, red, and magenta will be very useful and effective.

• As for the warmer tones, we should note the coral or golden tone pearls first, reflecting the main principles and compatibility of these tones. Coming to stone shades, the concentration around earthy shades is what can be noted here, exemplified with brown, orange, green, yellow, peachy, and turquoise shades.

Thus here were the basic rules we would like to note when speaking about the choice of the best jewelry for the skin tone. Just have a look at the tips and consider them for the most impressive results!