Why do Celebrities Wear Evil Eye Bracelets?


If you believe that curses cannot be transmitted just by gawking, this might just be the right time to rethink and reconsider?

The Evil Eye is one such incoherent and malicious presence where an individual can send across misfortune, physical ailments, and sufferings, all through a gaze. Although the concept of evil eye and underling threat mitigation plans have been around for centuries, there has been a recent surge in the adoption of bracelets and evil eye amulets. 

However, protection against evil eye shouldn’t be a restrictive consideration for an individual. This is why it is necessary to opt for essentials that are good to look at and even better when it comes to pairing with the attire. Evil Eye jewelry is, therefore, one of the best strategies for staying protected against the gazes while keeping up with the recent fashion trends. 

The Concept of Evil Eye and How Celebrities are the Most Affected Individuals?

The evil eye is a nothing but a malevolent glare, resulting in bad luck or a certain form of misfortune. That said, the ominous gaze is the cumulative negative energy that resides within an individual, mostly resulting out of envy. We also need to understand that the celebrities who are often at the peak of their affluence and excellent readily attract negative impressions and gazes. 

Moreover, once the seed of jealousy or envy starts growing inside a person, he or she starts emanating negative vibes and energies, transmitted in the form of envenomed exhalations. Celebrities encounter several envious souls daily with the cumulative effects of the malicious gazes even growing exponentially at times.

This is why it is necessary for the individuals of the prominence, to stay protected from the evil eye, especially while interacting with the audience.

Why Celebrities prefer evil eye bracelets?

An Evil Eye Bracelet is a great-looking fashion accessory, capable of complementing almost any outfit. Unlike several protective measures against the Evil Eye, like the Gypsum Alabaster idols, bracelets with colored beads are easy to adorn and carry along. Moreover, bracelets are popular among celebrities are they help amplify their appearance without the protective measure feeling obvious to the followers. 

Not just that, besides being fashionably relevant, these bracelets help dissipate the pernicious atmosphere that surrounds the concerned celebrity. 

What Kind of Bracelets do Celebrities Opt for?

A common legend relevant to the Evil Eye states that Blue-Eyed individuals impart the majority of curses and negative energies. Therefore, you will see most celebrities flaunting blue-beaded bracelets. However, certain celebrities prefer wearing evil eye protection necklaces to flaunt necklines or to make the accessories more visible and therefore, effective. 

When it comes to being a fashion-centric collector, a celebrity with a penchant for protective jewelry can always consider beaded, chained, Red Kabbalah, or diamond-infused bracelets for amplifying the grooming indulgences. 

Celebrities are extremely prone to injuries, bad luck, and mental ailments courtesy of several prying eyes that are always on them. Then again, besides being protected, they also need to take care of their grooming schedule, which is the main reason for persisting with evil eye bracelets and neckpieces.  

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.