How To Get The Most Out of Tiktok Influencer Marketing 

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Tiktok influencer marketing comes with tons of benefits for those who understand the ropes.Besides growing your Tiktok platform, Tiktok influencer marketing offers a powerful and effective opportunity to not only network with other brands but also improve traffic and get conversions.

Therefore if you are stuck on how to get more traffic for your platform or wondering how you can widen the scope of your audience to generate more sales for your brand, Tiktok influencer marketing is a perfect option.

The current consumer responds favorably to marketing that’s not only personalized but also subtle and radiates authenticity. For example, arent you eager to buy a product when an influencer tells you he/she found it useful?

Besides sharing your products with their audience, influencers help in creating content that resonates with the target market. In the long run, you are likely to showcase your products to more people outside your network.  

In this article, we highlight ways you can leverage Tiktok influencer marketing to grow your brand.

#1. Run a Hashtag Challenge

Just like other social media platforms, hashtags have become a powerful content strategy in the digital marketing industry. Aside from helping you reach out to a niche-specific audience, hashtags help you create and share content that resonates well with the target audience.

To stand out among other competitors, you can use branded hashtags to distinguish your brand from other competitors. In this case, running a hashtag, the challenge is not only ideal for promoting your brand but also directs people on where and how they can find your products.

The secret behind running a hashtag challenge is that it increases the potential of your content going viral and improving engagement. The branded hashtag challenge focuses on encouraging Tiktokers to film themselves in a specified situation. After creating the videos, Tiktokers are encouraged to label them with a branded hashtag and share them.

The key focus of the hashtag challenge is to showcase products subtly to the target audience. Clicking on the hashtag directs visitors to a TikTok collection featuring a similar challenge. Tiktoks algorithm revolves around hashtags.

All you need is to research what’s trending and share a worthy hashtag. In this case, you should keep a subtle focus on your brand or product. This will help you avoid bombarding Tiktokers with marketing messages which may easily put them off.

#2. Post Consistently

Just like other social media platforms, posting consistently keeps tiktokers glued to your content. Depending on your schedule, you should either post once a week, twice, or monthly. Remember the more predictable you are the more the audience will always be on standby to watch your next video.

If you post content that resonates with the target audience, they are likely to be on the watch out to view your next Tiktok video. Do not let them down by taking too long to post. Unfortunately, you may lose a junk of your audience to other competitors if they find their content interesting.

When people learn about your product from influencers, the next step they are likely to make it check out your content to see whether it resonates with your brand voice. As such, you shouldn’t leave them hanging without posting more content.

Posting consistently and using influencer marketing is critical in promoting your brand on Tiktok. Therefore if you intend to work with Tiktok influencers 

#3. Blend Music  and Video

You can reap more benefits on Tiktok by blending both trending music and videos. Since most brands are reluctant to use videos in marketing, you can leverage influencer marketing to feature short video clips that resonate with the target audience.

Combining viral songs with entertaining and creative videos goes a long way in growing your Tiktok followers.

#4. Engagement

Influencer marketing is critical in improving engagement. Most influencers command a strong following that you can leverage to grow your audience. Once you grow your audience, you are likely to generate more leads and get more traffic for your Tiktok videos.

With influencer marketing, you can not only widen the scope of your audience but also get more engagement. The more traffic you have on your Tiktok platform the more people are likely to share your videos.

In this regard, you can leverage Tiktok influencer marketing to grow your audience and reach out to more people that you may not be able to reach through your network. Remember the more people you can reach the higher the chances you can grow your profile.

#5. Relationship Building

Influencer marketing is ideal for building a relationship with new people in your niche. As such, partnering with influencers makes it easy to build long-term relationships with the target audience.

All you need is to identify credible influencers that are relevant to your niche. Not all influencers can add value to your brand. Therefore if you are stuck on how to build a relationship with new Tiktokers then you can partner with influencers to network and build your portfolio.

#6. Create High-Quality Content

You can also partner with influencers to not only guide you on the type of content that you should create for your brand but also improve the quality of your content. Most influencers are established, content creators. Meaning they have a wealth of knowledge in content creation.

You can therefore collaborate with Tiktok influencers to create content that resonates well with the target audience. If done correctly, you are likely to grow your portfolio and strengthen your relationship with the target market.

#7. Build Trust

Tiktok influencer marketing is ideal for building trust with the target audience. If established influencers showcase your products to their network then people are likely to trust your brand. For example, these influencers may share information regarding product features and how useful your products can be. That way, you stand a chance to appeal to users and generate more sales.

With dozens of brands competing for the same market segment, it may not be easy to get conversions if people have little to no information about your brand. It is against this backdrop that Tiktok influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that you can use to help people trust you.

Should you win the trust of the target audience then they may not only refer more people to buy your products but also leave positive reviews about your products.

#8. Run Contests

Similar to a hashtag challenge, you can partner with influencers to run contests on their platforms. With dozens of followers that TikTok influencers command, you are likely to get more followers if done correctly.

The bottom line is that you should ensure you can offer what you promise. When you run a contest, be ready to reward your followers if they can emerge winners. Failing to reward followers in a contest can have serious implications for your brand.

Such contests may feature a new product where followers may either win cash prizes or get a paid holiday trip. The success of this strategy depends on the influencer you partner with. The more credible an influencer is the better you can get positive results from your contest.


Tiktok influencer marketing comes with tons of advantages if done the right way. You simply have to partner with a relevant and credible influencer to get started. Whereas influencer marketing can have both long-term and short-term results, understanding the needs of your target audience goes a long way in getting good results.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.