How to Look Good After a Long Flight


We have all had those long flights, and we know that they can inevitably wind up leaving us feeling less than our best. Luckily, there are ways that we can prepare that will allow us to get off of our long cross-country flights feeling and looking good. See below our tips for looking good after a long flight.

Prepare Well in Advance

The more prepared you are for your flight, the smoother it will go. For instance, be sure to pack well in advance. If you do that, you can actually sleep the night before a long flight so that you aren’t up late and missing sleep the night before. That way, you will get off your flight well-rested, making you look and feel better. Aside from this, if you have an overnight flight, prepare in advance. Perhaps don’t sleep the night before and just hop onto the plane ready to sleep. If you have an eight-hour flight, you can get your full night of sleep on the plane. Now, not everyone can sleep on a plane. You know your body best. Be sure to prepare in a way that will be ideal for you and your body.

Know You’re Covered

Flying with the right airline and knowing that you are covered with reimbursements due to any issues is, of course, a great way to keep from being stressed while flying and will, in turn, making you look and feel better. You can rest easy being assured that if your flight is cancelled, you will be covered and reimbursed appropriately. There are sites that can help you stay covered, too. For instance, if you have a Virgin flight claim, AirHelp can help you figure out everything you need to know about your claim. Knowing that there are ways to get your money back if there are issues should make you feel covered on your trip.

Bring a Touch-Up Kit in Your Carry On

Now that you are prepared and your flight is covered, you can board the flight with a touch-up kit. This will ensure that you leave your flight looking and feeling fresh. Perhaps an hour before your flight is over, you can slip into the bathroom and touch up your makeup. Add some powder after a long flight to make you feel and look great. Pack those travel toothbrushes that don’t require water, and use those on your teeth near the end of your flight so your breath is fresh. Perhaps bring some hand lotion. After these little touch-ups, viola! You are fresh and ready to get off of the plane in style.

Wherever you may be traveling to, be sure to prepare well in advance, cover your flight, and have the necessary tools for a quick touch-up. Then, you can leave the plane in style.


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