How To Store Vape Juice? – Ultimate Guide On E-juice Storage


Keeping your e-juice safe or undisturbed isn’t the only concern when storing E-juice. The major concern is to store it in such a way that it doesn’t go bad or lose its flavour, no matter how long you keep it. 

Buying vape liquids in bulk can help you cut costs, but you still need to follow proper storage principles. This article will guide you properly on how to store vape juice. 

Vape Juice Storage – 3 Golden Rules

Whether you’re opting for long term or short term e-juice storage, there are three golden rules you must obey. If you flaunt any of these rules, there’s a good chance your E-juice will go bad.

1. Avoid Heat

If there’s one thing that can ruin your E-juice, it is heat. Now you may be wondering why heat is so bad for vape juice when in fact, it’s what we use to steep. 

Your vape juice is composed of several chemical components like VG and PG that have combined to form the perfect juice. Having your E-juice come in contact with heat will make it gain energy, inducing further breakdown of the ingredients and compounds in it. As a result, you’ll find your vape juice losing taste very quickly. If not tackled early, your vape juice may lose all its taste.

2. Avoid Light

When dealing with e-liquid, you don’t necessarily need to keep it away from all light sources (though it’s still advisable to do so). The only light source that poses a threat is UV light. 

UV rays are always accompanied by heat, so their effect on vape juice is quite similar to that of heat. Ultraviolet Light will break down the molecules of the substances contained in your e-liquid, causing it to lose taste and flavour. 

To avoid all traces of UV light, it’s advisable that you store your e-liquid in a dark place.

3. Avoid Air

The main effect air has on vape juice is oxidation. The oxygen in the air reacts with the nicotine in your vape liquid to produce cotinine. 

The more this reaction continues, more and more nicotine is lost from your E-juice. It is good to point out that UV light further speeds up this process, so even if you can’t avoid air, avoid UV light.

How To Properly Store Vape Juice In The Short and Long Term?

Now you know the three main enemies of e-liquids, how best do you store them so that these three elements are kept at bay? Here’s a guide for you. 

Best Place To Store E-liquid

Whether it’s long term or short term storage, storing e-liquid in refrigerator has always been the choice option for many vapers. 

A fridge or freezer satisfies all the needed conditions: it’s a cool place, free of UV light and air. Furthermore, it’s a very simple and worry-free method of storage. All you need to do is keep your fridge on at all times, and your vape juice can stay as long as you’ll allow. 

However, most people have concerns about whether their e-liquid will freeze and how this will affect the juice. Actually, your vape juice can’t freeze, at least not into a solid form. 

The PG and VG in vape liquids have very low freezing points, so at most, your e-liquid will just become really thick. You can simply warm it up anytime you want to vape.

Besides a fridge, you can store your e-liquid in an e-liquid storage container. This container should be at room temperature, with no access to light. Another common option is to keep e-liquids in a cupboard.

E-liquid Storage Container: Plastic Vs Glass

The nature of your e-liquid storage container should depend on how long you intend to store your vape juice. Plastic bottles are fine for short term storage, but they’re not ideal for long term storage. This is because the chemicals in plastic bottles can seep into the liquid, especially after sitting for a long time or when heat is applied. 

Plastic bottles can also allow some air to pass through. These things can affect the flavour and taste of your juice, even if you keep it in a cool, dark place. For long term storage, rather use glass bottles. A recommended e-liquid bottles manufacturer you can try is Nexeem.

Children And Pets Safety

Your efforts may very well be in vain if you don’t store your e-liquid in a location where it’s inaccessible to your kids and your pets. The nicotine content of e-liquids makes them inappropriate for kids and even pets. High quality e-liquid bottles always come with childproof caps. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on this. 

Curious, older kids can work their way around childproof caps and access the contents of your bottle. So when storing E-juice, use highly inaccessible locations: You may use high cupboards, lockable boxes, or deep freezers.


If you’re bent on keeping your E-juice in optimal condition, take all the things in this article into consideration. The cheapest, most suitable long term storage method is to use a fridge or freezer. Other than that, any cool, dark place will do. But then make sure to keep your storage bottles away from kids and pets. 

Written by Megan Taylor
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