How to Wear your Nike Air Max Trainers


Nike Air Max trainers offer the ultimate in ease and comfort. Their smooth style has made them more popular than all other trainer brands in the world. Look through this list of awesome Nike Air Max trainers from on sale at trusted retailers. 

My triple black Nike Airmax 95 trainers are my favorite by far. I wear them on most days. I love how stylish they look. They look different from normal trainers.

A cushioning unit installed at the Nike Air Max trainer heel, adds an extra layer of comfort that other trainers just don’t match up to. You can usually see this cushioning unit beside the midsole. It makes the trainers 1-1.25 inches taller. The ‘air max’ moniker comes from this cushion.

The Nike brand is the world’s leading sportswear brand and the best trainer brand for decades. This leadership position is a result of Nike’s leadership in innovating new and improved trainer designs to deliver comfort and style to consumers.

They offer a winning combination of the best in sports as well as fashion wear. Customers are expecting fashionable sportswear. And Nike Air Max has masterfully met the demands of street fashion while maintaining its identity as a sportswear brand. 

Here are some looks you can achieve with your Nike Air Max 95 trainers to look your best.

A Smart Casual with Nike Air Max

Pairing your Nike Air Max 95 trainers with a shirt and blazer will instantly give you a smart casual look. Pair your trainers with a blazer of the same color if you want a complementary outfit. For example, try a navy blazer with blue Nikes. 

Nike Air Max as a Statement Piece

The Nike Air Max trainers can be paired with a monochrome outfit in a dull color. Consider a black outfit with blue or white Nike Air Max trainers. This is a great look for people who love to try something different. 


If you are looking to pull off a streetwear look, the Nike Air Max 95 has a retro design that will certainly help you do it. Look cool when you wear the Nike Air Max 95 trainers with a camouflage top. 

Biker Look

The biker jacket has adorned the bodies of celebrity rebels like Marlon Brando because of its distinctive appearance. Go for a snug fit and pair the biker jacket with a blacktop. Pair it with Nike Air Max 95s of the same color. Grey trousers will complete your biker combo by providing some contrast. 

With an Overcoat

Overcoats are trendy but there is always the risk of looking overly formal while wearing one. Nike Air Max 95s will keep that from happening because they are decidedly casual. Consider wearing a shirt that matches the sneakers to complete the overcoat combo. 

Gym Style

Nike trainers are comfortable workout shoes. Wear some white vests and add grey joggers and you will be prepared for any fitness activity. Looking good helps you feel confident while you work out. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.