Using statement jewelry to jazz up your outfits 


Adorning the body with jewelry that complements an outfit is often considered an art form. You are spoilt by choices from a wide range of pieces that can be very appealing and reflects showmanship.

Jewelry has been worn as a means of enhancing one’s appearance for generations. A wrapped ring, a series of bracelets, a large pair of earrings, or an intricate necklace are the most typical types of jewelry that people choose to wear with their everyday outfits.

Let’s face it; we love to wear jewelry. Different jewelry pieces are designed to enhance the beauty of various body parts. 

A cosmopolitan woman with diverse backgrounds feels self-assured when wearing some form of bling that is frequently curated for them with colored or precious, semi-precious metals and stones.

New-age designer jewelry

It could be modern luxury or budget-friendly jewelry; both cater to the wearer’s needs. However, unlike the high-value items, the design is relatively modest and uncomplicated in the latter.

These items may be designed in any style you like, giving them a great way to try out a new trend while also matching your wardrobe, and are readily available on several online jewelry stores.

On the one hand, fashion jewelry is a cost-effective method to get that style, while on the other, it offers the perfect blending of your persona with the theme of the occasion.

A style statement for special occasions 

An elegant piece of jewelry enhances the beauty of your outfit and reflects your fashionable personality. However, most women prefer to attend weddings, casual and formal parties, award ceremonies, birthday celebrations, or anniversary meals without wearing jewelry.

If they didn’t have some jewelry to adorn themselves, they’d feel drab and under-dressed.

Learn the first rule

Contemporary outfits are perhaps the boldest of costumes, and every woman, even designers, has dabbled with them.

When it comes to picking jewelry for designer clothing, you have a range of possibilities. If paired correctly, practically any piece of jewelry can be worn with the outfit of your choice.

The first rule is to match your jewelry to your outfit’s neckline. Always consider the neckline of your dress when combining a necklace to get the most out of your jewelry.

Mind the colors

Additionally, choose jewelry that merges with the color scheme of the dress. Almost any type of jewelry pops out on a black, white, or neutral-colored outfit. However, subtle jewelry is the most outstanding choice if you’re wearing a vibrant dress.

Also, if your attire is extensively adorned, sober and straightforward jewelry, such as a minimum pendant, a ring, or a slim bracelet, is recommended.

For a change of pace, try pairing antique jewelry with western wear. It’s the year’s most popular and gorgeous fashion trend.

Don’t go overboard

It is highly recommended not to overload your look with jewelry. Nobody wishes to look like a walking jewelry store. Instead, choose one style of jewelry that will shine out and use it as your signature element.

 It only takes one exclusive piece of exquisite jewelry to create an impact and showcase your style. You can, for example, wear large elegant earrings with an ethnic attire, a striking bracelet paired with western clothing, or a large belt with fusion clothing.

It is challenging to have a great deal of fun with the costume on its own, and you should go all out and look absolutely lovely by putting some thought into your style and combining it with jewelry and accessories.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to spice up your style statement with the wide range of jewelry items waiting eagerly for your attention. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.