Ditch the Diamonds for These Stunning (and Affordable) Gender-Fluid Jewelry Pieces

Sure, a diamond is forever. But the same can’t be said about our lives. It is, indeed, too short not to experiment. Especially if they’re jewelry pieces – the thing you adorn on you which eventually defines your personality. You would just be amazed by how many diamond alternatives are out there, and they are equally, if not more, stunning and affordable. Moreover, they are all gender-fluid. 

From gemstone necklaces to enamel bracelets, there are plenty of options out there that are stunning to look at but won’t cost you a fortune. Some of them also have healing properties which makes them a perfect combination of form and function. Here is a list of path-breaking gender-neutral jewelry items which would help you decide. Read on. 

1. Gemstone Necklaces

Whatever the theme may be, certain jewelry pieces have the magic to speak for themselves. While dainty pendants and layered chains have become standard on runways and magazine covers, gemstone jewelry redefines the era with explosions of colors and elements that encircle natural beauty. A Shungite necklace, made with a lustrous black mineraloid, is one such beautiful stone that can be worn for various reasons, other than the fact that it adds a simple charm and subtle flair to any ensemble. The carbon-rich rock is known to inhibit powerful healing properties that can protect a person from harmful EMFs and other negative vibrations around them. It’s also known to possess properties that can help detoxify the body, are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Besides the various health benefits, gemstone jewelry can help balance the wearer’s body chakras and align their flow of energies. Gemstones have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They don’t classify a specific gender and the jewelry worn with encrusted stones provides a natural radiant glow to every human. 

2. Pearl Necklaces

The classic pearl strands have long been associated with society’s cream and our grandmother’s beloved jewelry collection. Although in 2021, apart from personalized jewelry, these natural gems have impressed both men and women. While many fashion revolutions have come and gone, it was never imagined that the same jewels that were once donned by icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe would be represented by famous pop-star stylists like cool modern essentials. The pearl necklace is effortlessly chic and elegant without the endless sparkle, the thrust of popping colors, or mega-sized brand logos. It can be worn as a single choker strand with a power suit like a certain Vice President or styled in layers over a lace blouse inspired by famous cover models like Bella Hadid, or a simple motif strand combined with a mesh vest and platform boots, like the famous pop sensation Harry Styles. Men, women, other genders, and non-binary genders can thoroughly play with this sensational piece with various sets of looks.

3. Personalized Rings

Personalized jewelry is the most recent trend that has taken the world of fashion by surprise. Getting a piece of jewelry that means something to you close to your heart will surely make you feel special. From name initials to important dates, you can get your personalized ring engraved in several ways. Also, there are plenty of materials to choose from. The most popular options are platinum, gold, and silver. Owning a piece of jewelry exclusive to you brings uniqueness to your jewelry collection, and just to try it out, a personalized ring would be perfect to start with.   

4. Enamel Bracelets

Anybody who has been recently browsing the internet would know every celebrity‘s recent obsession with enamel jewelry. While these may include Mejuri’s colorful hoops, Italian designer Bea Bongiasca’s spiral jeweled rings, and Roxanne Assoulin’s playful jewelry, the enamel trend has only just begun. While picking a beaded or leather bracelet might be an easier option, one can go all out with encrusted rhinestones and colors when it comes to enamel jewelry. You can even expand your liking for personalized bracelets by choosing pendant charms with engravings or sticking to a pastel-colored band with statement-sized jewels. Although, if colors are not your cup of tea, we recommend a beautiful Shungite bracelet that is versatile enough to be paired with any outfit and has healing properties that can enrich your life, literally.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.