The 7 Best White Nike Sneakers in 2021 (So Far)


A pair of white sneakers is a timeless aesthetic and fits almost every occasion and outfit. Even if you are not really into the sneaker game, you should most definitely own at least one clean shoe to match your styles. We have put together a list of the 7 best white Nike sneakers that have dropped in 2021 so far. Enjoy!

Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Photon Dust

The Nike Dunk Low Disrupt modifies the standard silhouette of the series and adds some bulky panels to the sides of the sneaker. Even the swoosh gets covered up by the additional elements of the newer edition of the classic. The Photon Dust colourway paints the entire shoe in a clean white, while the outsole tops off the design with an icy blue. The Nike Dunk Low Disrupt series is only available in women’s sizes, so make sure to keep that in mind while buying.

Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops

Michael Jordan’s signature basketball shoe line has been around for almost 40 years already and is an essential part of sneaker culture. With the Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops the sixth iteration has been equipped with a clean white leather upper, that is being accentuated by slight rose details on the midsole and collar. Since the sneaker is inspired by Michael Jordan’s golden earrings, the laces are featuring golden jewellery as well. The Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops is only available in women’s sizes.

Nike Air Force 1 UV White

Next up is the legendary Nike Air Force 1, which has received a very special feature to spice up the classic silhouette. A completely white upper has been combined with a blue outsole, resulting in a clean appearance. Some may wonder what is supposed to be so special about this simple iteration. For that, you’ll just have to take a step into direct sunlight and you are going to notice your shoe changing its colours. The white swoosh and the heel panel are made of UV-sensitive materials, so the plain appearance of the shoe is getting complimented by a deep blue and purple on a sunny day.

Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue

With the Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue Michael Jordan’s famous signature line receives yet another spot on our list. The low-cut profile of the eleventh sneaker features a clean white leather upper that is adorned with glossy patent leather overlays. The outsole is making use of an icy blue material that is being complimented by a Jordan branding on the laces. Only the lining deviates from the rest of the shoe.

Air Jordan 12 Low Easter

The Air Jordan 12 Low Easter is extremely similar to the AJ11 we have just presented. We get to see an icy blue outsole yet again that sits underneath a white leather upper. Only the pull tab at the back of the sneaker has been painted black and creates a minimal contrast. The typical sunrise-like pattern near the collar can’t be missing as well.

Nike Air Force 1 Rose White

The Nike Air Force 1 Rose White is probably the closest we get to the original design of the AF1. The complete upper remains untouched and is covered in a clean white. Only the characteristic strip on the midsole was painted in a striking green, while a small rose and a leaf have been placed on the lateral sides of the sneaker. Red details on the tongue and the insole complement it perfectly. Although this release does not deviate that much from a plain white Air Force 1, it is still special because of the little accents on the shoe.

Air Jordan 1 High ‘85 Neutral Grey

No sneaker compilation would be complete without at least one Air Jordan 1 release. The Air Jordan 1 High ’85 Neutral Grey takes on the exact logo shapes, measurements, ankle heights and materials, which have been used for the very first sneaker back in 1985. The sneaker features a sleek white leather upper, that is being accentuated by a grey swoosh and collar. Due to its immense similarity to the original sneaker from 1985, the Air Jordan 1 High ’85 is unfortunately only available for extremely high reseller prices.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.