How To Have A Great Sense Of Style


Having a phenomenal personal sense of style is a coveted trait in the modern world. A great sense of style is not always about how much money is spent on clothes and accessories or about following fashion trends per se, it is about owning what you wear and dressing in a manner that highlights your best features. You don’t need to be model-thin or picture-perfect in order to look great, you simply need to know what works best for you and have the confidence to pull it off. 

Fitting Into A Mould

Oftentimes people see outfits, shoes, and accessories in magazines or on Instagram and try to emulate them because they are trending and very popular at that current point in time. The key to developing a signature style you can flaunt is to not necessarily follow every trend and to find the colors, cuts, and styles that appeal to you personally. This can be a process or a journey over time in which you will probably experiment with different styles in order to find one that defines your personality and the message you are trying to put across. 

Keep Only What Works

It is a common habit to excessively shop every time a special occasion pops up or there is a sale at a store. This results in an unproductive accumulation of clothes, shoes, and bags. Furthermore, when you shop in stress or because you think you are getting a bargain, you may actually end up with clothes that aren’t in your favorite colors or don’t fit quite as well as they should. Ideally, you should shop in parts over a few days in a very tranquil state of mind and pick timeless, good-quality pieces you can wear for many years ahead. 

Incorporate Variety 

Don’t be afraid to go to stores you’ve never shopped at before or find budget-friendly individualistic pieces online. Many websites offer sustainable clothing options recycling clothes waste into fashionable new pieces. You can also find vintage stores or websites that resell preloved vintage clothing at good prices. Many celebrities are known to shop vintage and it is one of the reasons they have a signature style that everyone wants to emulate. The more variety you offer yourself, the greater the chances of you finding clothes that make your personality shine through. 


One of the ways an incredible sense of style is cultivated is through constant experimentation. Having a professional stylist or designer look at you and suggest pieces that will suit your facial features, body type, and height, etc is a good idea but no one knows everything and you are the best judge of what looks best on you. 

Experiment frequently with different cuts, lengths, colors, and styles, and keep a notebook or a notepad to write down the ones you felt the best in or were complimented the most on. A rental dress/outfit facility like dress hire Perth is a brilliant idea as well because you can try a vast number of styles at a low fee instead of having to make a dozen purchases each month. 

Capsule Wardrobes For The Working Woman

If it feels like looking stylish is a lot of work that you cannot really accommodate in your busy day-to-day life, then a capsule wardrobe is going to be a real lifesaver. A capsule wardrobe is a meticulously put-together collection of clothes that will fit a number of occasions. Ideally, a capsule wardrobe is organized such that you don’t have to put a lot of thought into what you’re wearing and you can just throw on pre-made outfits. 

Many people do hire professional stylists to put together a capsule wardrobe for them in a style they think suits their personality. Capsules wardrobes organize not just clothing and shoes but also a full range of accessories that are very versatile like chunky jewelry, copper bracelets, and petite earrings, and so on. Incorporate your own well-loved pieces too such as the art resin jewelry you may have made as a DIY project. 

Timeless Is Always A Great Look

While it is great to experiment, having a few classic, elegant and timeless pieces like a little black dress for example are always useful. You can always do your own interpretation of a classic outfit but having basics like that in your wardrobe means you can still pull off a great look in moments of doubt. Certain items like black heels, a white silk blouse, and a couple of perfect pairs of slim-fit jeans, etc are wonderful basics that you can then build up on to suit the occasion. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.