Women’s clothing- how to look perfect without effort?


Knowledge about what women’s clothing suits you enables you to save a lot of your money. Focus a few minutes and read the article below to have never regretted your purchase.

Way to get to know your perfect wearing style

Your outfit influences your first impression and self-confidence.

Ask yourself questions: What do you want to achieve choosing your women’s clothes? Do you want to look formal, casual, edgy, professional, flirty, unique, young, mature or powerful? Moreover, try to imagine your perfect style of clothing and describe in 3 words how you want your clothes to make you feel.

Color of your outfits and its role

•         Colors of your dress or jacket could be a kind of indicator for other people.

•         Blue suits are read as loyalty, stability or tranquility.

•         Red clothes show that you have a passion or may be aggressive.

•         Yellow outfits indicate happiness, optimism and youth.

•         Green sweater tells others that you are full of hope, believe in success.

•         Black jackets refer to power, mystery and professionalism.

•         Purple bottoms point to royalty, spirituality and luxury.

•         Energy, fun and warmth are described by orange coats.

•         Brown rompers indicate stability, nature and reliability.

•         White tops could be read as purity, cleanliness and innocence.

•         When you wear grey others may see neutral, practical and quiet people.

How people perceive you depend on the tailoring and shape of your apparel. Moreover, accessories can completely change an outfit.

Women clothing which makes you more formal

Focus on the dark colors of your women’s clothing and reduce accessories which you wear. Resign of bracelets, scarves or even fancy jumpsuits. Great workwear is designed by Calvin Klein and Armani.

Women clothing due to be seen as more casual

Loose sweatshirts or shirts make your look more easy-going. Good idea is to choose the bright and pastel colors of your clothing. Adding a beaded necklace or an oversize watch should help you look more casual.

Edgy look with women clothing

Try to make your apparel more interesting. Add some color or texture to your casual style of outfits. Buy fun leggings or scarves. Be brave and make your styling more contrastable.

Women clothing to be more professional

A well-tailored jumpsuit, jacket or coat are the way to be considered as conscientious and paying close attention to detail. Moreover, don’t show too much. Avoid short skirts and dresses or blouses with a deep neckline.

Women clothing to looks more attractive

Wear clothes which you really like. Feeling comfortable is a key to being a more sexy woman.

More powerful due to your clothing

Formal clothing, like suits, ties, dresses make you think more abstractly and holistic. Moreover, formal clothes make you consider yourself more like leaders.

If you still have trouble understanding which clothing is good for you, let brands do it for you! Choose a brand which emulates your ideal style of clothes.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.