Women’s Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Biker Jacket Casually


A leather biker jacket is undoubtedly the sassiest, most versatile outerwear staple known to womankind. Its impressive versatility makes it a fabulous investment – a garment you can flaunt with practically everything you own. A women’s leather jacket can be paired up with anything, be it a skimpy bralette, a basic button-down shirt, a slept-in tee, or even a pretty floral dress.

Putting together effortlessly chic outfits becomes incredibly easier when you have a hot and timeless biker jacket for women to seal the look. Once you embrace the art of layering a biker jacket, every outfit you put together becomes a style-savvy, supermodel-off-duty statement.

We’ve put together 5 outfit ideas to play up your casual attire with the sensual masculinity of a biker jacket.

Here, take a look:

1. The Classic LBD Drama

A little black dress is a woman’s most trusted and reliable style savior. When paired up with a biker jacket, the combination is glamorous! You see, an LBD brings out the best in the rugged masculinity of a sharply tailored biker jacket. It infuses the jacket with sensual femininity, playing up your curves with its form-flattering tailoring.

You can experiment with all kinds of LBDs, varying from short and long to lacy inserts and sexy cut-outs. You can even create an intensely dramatic, gothic statement by pairing up a goth-inspired black dress with a studded biker jacket. Or perhaps you’d like to keep things minimal with a classic knee-length black dress and high heels.

We advise you to pick out a sleeveless LBD and pair it up with a biker jacket, sealing the look with knee-high boots. You can carry this look anywhere, from drinks with the girls to a casual date with your beau.

2. A Vibrant, Maximalist Affair

We all detest the thought of packing away our adorable summer maxi dresses and floor-grazing sleeveless silhouettes. If only there were a way to flaunt their romantic femininity throughout the year. Ladies, there is a way: pair them up with your biker jacket.

Here’s an excellent trick to infuse the bold edginess of your biker jacket with flirtatiously playful accents. You can combine the edgy appeal of the biker jacket with vibrant color palettes, floral prints, bohemian patterns, and vivid geometric art. It all boils down to your preferences in maxi dresses and the silhouettes in your wardrobe.

Suppose your workplace allows semi-formal attire and leather jackets in the dress code. In that case, your maxi dresses will make your biker jacket work-friendly and appropriate. This outfit is also a splendid pick for garden parties, retail therapy at the mall, and enjoying comfort foods with the family.

3. Give it a Jumpstart!

We all need a jumpstart when the awful Monday blues leave us incapable of putting together a decent outfit. Some days it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed, let alone open your wardrobe and debate outfit choices. On such days, we need the support and comfort of trusted and style-savvy pairings to seize the day with fashion-forward energy.

Here’s a stellar combination to give your gloomy days a glamorous lady boss jumpstart: pair up your biker jacket with a sharply structured jumpsuit. You can experiment with all kinds of styles and lengths and rock a playsuit with knee-high boots for a casual chic statement. Add a statement belt to cinch up your petite waist to highlight your curves.

Biker jackets and jumpsuits complement each other fabulously with their clear lines, tailored silhouettes, and bold accents. Needless to say, they are a match made in heaven!

4. Signature Biker Gal Statement

The signature biker gal look is by far the most iconic and legendary fashion statement of all time. It has been raging hot since the 50s, ever since women started demanding retailers and designers add the biker jacket to their collections. 

Here’s a simple formula for a drop-dead bold statement: pair up your distressed denim jeans with a sassy graphic t-shirt, and seal the look with your biker jacket. It’s a very basic outfit, but the energy it radiates is unexplainably sexy. Denim and tees look amazingly bold with a laid-back charm when flaunted with a biker jacket.

Now, you can experiment with this statement and add in numerous sexy variations. For instance, replace the t-shirt with a sassy bralette for a bolder than bold statement. You can also work with crop tops or give the outfit a dramatic twist with a ruffled blouse or an off-the-shoulder top. A glittery top would work wonders at jazzing up the outfit.

5. Go Bold in Leather-on-Leather

Flaunting leather on leather is a cardinal rule of fashion-forwardness and a styling trick that can never go wrong! The idea is to flaunt your biker jacket with sleek leather pants, sealing the look with bold leather boots. You can create this outfit in a plethora of excitingly hot variations.

For instance, you can pair up the biker jacket with a racy leather dress. Or perhaps, you’d like to add a bold red top to complement the leather tights using a feisty color palette. Ankle boots and knee-high boots are always stellar choices of footwear to amplify the all-leather energy.

If the weather is chilly, consider adding a thin cashmere sweater or a lightweight turtleneck to cozy up. Wool and cashmere always work wonders at sealing the all-leather outfit with sophisticated notes of charm.

Final Thoughts

Playing up with a biker jacket is amazingly fun. This outerwear staple is impressively versatile, and it will bring the best out of the garments in your wardrobe. You can put together a new outfit every day if you embrace the art of layering. Just avoid adding heavy layers under the jacket, as it would diminish the edgy biker gal appeal. Keep your layers thin and minimal, allowing the biker appeal to dominate the outfit with its masculine sensuality.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.