Different Types Of Handmade Jewelry


 You will always find handmade jewelry different from other Mass jewelry produced. It offers you unique and new designs every time, which you could not find anywhere else. Handmade jewelry depicts the creativity of the person, who always thinks to discover something new each time. This is the reason why many consumers prefer handmade jewelry over mass-produced jewelry.

Many of you add still unaware of handmade jewelry and why it is becoming popular. Here we will learn about different handmade or Wholesale Jewelry and various techniques used in making such items.

What is handmade jewelry?

As the name suggests, it is an art done by an artist without using any mass manufacturing machine. There is no fix or standard appearance for handmade jewelry. It comes up in various varieties, which then just from a simple bracelet, pendants, and modified designs which may take long odds or even days to finish. Different artists use different skill techniques for their work. But one thing that remained common in all jewelry artists is that each piece of jewelry is made using only their hands, and some simple tools are used for molding and designs.

Different types of handmade jewelry

 Wire wrapped jewelry

In this type of Wholesale Jewelrythe artist uses a lot of wire; thus, it is named wire-wrapped jewelry. In this, the artist uses wiretapping to create items like pendants, rings, and old neckpieces differently. Some jewelers who are experts in the ping technique are not able to create very delicate designs while weaving. However, a thicker gauge is used for simple framing design d and a thinner gauge in intricate designs. This technique requires great time and patience to practice and master.

Beaded jewelry

But it is one of the simplest jewelry designs by making the use of beads. Then an artist wants to create a bracelet or necklaces; they use beads on a single strand of stringing material. Artists may also use letters or numbers beads to create a personalized product. The best thing about beads is that they can be used It most types of jewelry as accent pieces. You may find different beads of jewelry made up of gemstone beads, wood beads, copper beads, crystal beads, and others from natural materials.

Fabric jewelry

Fabricated jewelry covers a wide range of jewelry items which ranges from traditional gemstone too wildly creative jewelry. Jewelers use metal smithing techniques and jewelry bench skills to create fabricated jewelry. An artist uses a metal saw to cut out the basic shape of the piece while giving intricate details in the piece. In addition to this, jewelers use soul drinks to attach different components to each other. Fabric jewelry takes quality time and dedication to learn the technique.


These are the three most common and popular types of Wholesale Jewelry. Once an artist knows the basic concept, they can manipulate the metal in different ways to create a unique jewelry piece. Then, by practicing the art over the years, they are able to create a quite intricate and technically difficult collection.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.