Tricks + Tips for Buying the Perfect Jeans that Fits


When you choose jeans, you have two things to consider- firstly size and secondly The Fit. Both the fit and size depend on your body type. There is no perfect fit for everyone because everyone has got different body shapes. In this think-piece, we will discuss different types of body shapes along with some tips & tricks to help you buy the perfect fit jeans.

Be it Levi’s, Kaporall, Salsa, or Diesel; even if the Brand or size of the jeans is the same, they will look different on different people because of differences in body shapes or types. So are you ready to take a look at the different body shapes? Here we go.

·        Rectangle shape: when you don’t really have much difference between your waist and your hips.

·        Apple shape: most of your body weight is concentrated around your midsection.

·        Pear shape: most women in the world have this type of body. Your waist is the slimmest and your hips are the widest part of your body.

·        Hourglass shape: this body type usually has large breasts accompanied by rounded hips and thighs and is considered to be the most quintessential feminine body type.

·        Strawberry shape: this body type is characterized by wide shoulders and slim hips.

·        Banana shape: this body type is characterized by few curves and no real waist definition but usually with long slim legs.

The Tips and Tricks as per different body parts

1. Waist and hips

Tip: When you try on jeans, you want the waist and the hips to fit properly because if it doesn’t, you won’t feel comfortable in it.

Trick: Remember to check that your jeans is not too tight in your waist otherwise you might feel really uneasy.

2. The thigh part

Tip: It shouldn’t be too tight around the thighs otherwise you won’t be able to climb those stairs or move properly. Thighs tend to expand when you move so you need space here. Please note ‘rather a bit lose, than too tight’.

Trick: Just do some squats in the trial room and check if you’re comfortable with the pair of jeans you’re trying!

The Tips and Tricks as per Body Shape

As discussed previously there are different body shapes that ultimately determine the fit of your jeans.

1. For rectangle-shaped body type

Tip – you can wear high-waist jeans all where the waist is at your natural waist level.

Trick – look for a loose fit around the thighs.

2. For apple-shaped body type

Tip: with this body type your aim should be to elongate the body. You must try to either up the curves of your chest or down to your slimmer legs. Darker shades on your lower half can slim the legs and make them appear longer, especially when carried off with pointy heels

Tricks: Jeans with an elasticized waist or Bootcut Jeans are your way to go!

3. For Pear Shaped Body

Tip: A straight-cut pair of jeans with a low waist is what you should look for. Low waist is always a good idea to make sure the waist isn’t too tight if the jeans are one size up.

Trick: try wearing a padded bra to add definition to your shape along with a Blazer.

4. For hourglass-shaped body

Tip: find jeans that are not heavy on the body pulling the weight downwards.

Trick: a solid leather belt can draw attention to the elegant Hourglass curves.

5. For Strawberry shaped body

Tip: do not wear too many accessories and try to draw the attention downwards which is the slimmest part of your body. Moreover, any type of jeans like Bootleg or skinny jeans can actually suit this body type.

Trick: a classic white top with any type of jeans will be a great choice of outfit.

6. For Banana shaped body

Tip: do not make your body look straighter wearing tops with vertical stripes.

Trick: Any top that will cover the widest part of your hips, giving off the illusion of a well-shaped physique.

Lastly, a little piece of advise-Our Jeans or Denims also stretches to fit our bodies, so the more you wear your jeans, the better they’ll fit.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.