How to Choose the Best Jeans for Your Body Shape


Looking good in a pair of jean is as simple as finding a pair that fits you and accentuates your curves in the most flattering way possible. But that doesn’t really sound that simple or easy. For anyone (who has ever tried on several pairs of jeans at any store not to be satisfied with how any one of them look on their body) will tell you… not all jeans are created equal and the perfect pair of jeans for your best friend’s body might be a nightmare on yours. This is especially true if you have a complicated relationship with fitness and loving your own body shape.

So how does one pick the perfect pair of jeans? How do we show off that sexy new midriff we gained thanks to the love handle workouts we’ve been doing? Or do we present a toned down silhouette by hiding the flabby paunch that has resulted from one happy hour too many? Luckily for you, we have jean selection down to a science. Follow the following tips to always find the perfect fit for your body shape.

To round out your booty!

There is a reason those TikTok leggings have gone viral… round and curvy butts are in vogue.
Best Bet:
To accentuate or perk up your butt, especially if it is on the flatter side, choose low rise or medium rise jeans that fit snugly around the hips.
Stay Away From:
A higher back on your jeans will flatten out your butt at the top of the butt, making it look even flatter.

For the hourglass figure!

Hourglass figures are characterized by curvy hips and a bosom that are almost equal in size and a narrower waist in comparison. People with hourglass figures usually have legs proportionate to their upper body.
Best Bet:
Your best bet when shopping for jeans is to go for a high waist pair of jeans that will cinch in your narrow waist and flatter your curves. Bootcut jeans are also a flattering option.
Stay Away from:
Avoid denim coveralls, overalls or dungaree styles as they will hide the slimness of your waist and give you a boxy square silhouette. You should also stay away from most flared jean as they will create too many curves.

For the petite body!

The term “petite” figure is usually used to label women who are short in terms of height and have a slender, trim figure. However shorter women can also come in all shapes and sizes, so for the purpose of clarity, here we will be talking about women who have slender, slight figures. Best Bet:
Straight leg or boot cut jeans in darker shades will lengthen your legs. You can also experiment with cropped jeans that cut off just above the ankle. Heavily distressed jeans (we’re talking larger rips and shreds) add body to your legs and make your hips and thighs look curvier than they are.
Stay Away From: Avoid unnecessarily loose fits. Celebrate your small frame and flaunt it rather than hiding it, so that’s a hard no for baggy styles or boyfriend jeans.

For the pear-shaped figure!

Bodies are classified as being pear shaped if they carry most fat around their hips, thighs or lower body. Basically when your butt is bigger than your boobs, you’re considered to be pear shaped.
Best Bet:
Pear shaped bodies look best in boyfriend jeans as they balance your shoulders and flow loosely down from curvy hips. The loose fit also helps to accentuate the smallness of your waist in contrast to your hips.
Stay Away From:
Skinny jeans are not your friend. Likewise, avoid any cropped styles, including capris and turn ups.

For the tall girls!

If you are lucky enough to be tall, you can basically rock all the styles of jeans there are (bitch).
Best Bet:
Straight fit jeans can be most flattering but baggy and flared styles work just as well. Just make sure you get styles designed for girls of a taller stature so the inseams and knee breaks fall in the right place.
Stay Away From:
Avoid overly tight skinnies and cutoffs.  

For the plus-size figure!

Plus size is just another label used to describe women who may be overweight, like fat, obese, curvy, big boned, chubby, voluptuous, curvaceous, heavy set, and so on.
Best Bet:
Go for softer fabric that will drape and contour your frame. High waist skinny fits are also a good option, as are boot cut jeans in a stretch denim fabric.
Stay Away From:
Avoid anything made in stiff and rigid denim, as these fabrics won’t hug your curves the way stretch fabric will.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.