Importance of CBD Strain Reviews – Why Do We Need Them?


Have you ever looked into a particular CBD strain and read a review before considering the product? This is a common train of events for many cannabis users.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a CBD strain review? That’s perfectly fine. We’re about to explain exactly what they are, what they can do for you, and why you need to start using them!

CBD strain reviews aren’t simply a means to talk about your own new strain. They’re written by a variety of different people from a random cannabis user who just tried the strain to a professional breeder who is comparing the new strain to his/her own!

Read on to learn about CBD strain reviews and why we need them!


What is a CBD Strain Review?

A CBD strain review involves someone who has sampled a new strain of CBD, done their research, and come to certain conclusions about it. has an entire section of CBD product reviews that you can check out. All of them are unbiased and shows that they know what they are talking about.

You can’t just sample the product and then write a CBD strain review. The review is much more involved, requiring knowledge about the contents of the strain and its effects on top of your own personal reaction to it.

Think of it as a research paper in which you include the hypothesized impact of the chemical as well as your experiment and conclusion based on the evidence you gathered. Only then can you say it is a good CBD strain review.

 What Sort of Information Should You Expect from a CBD Strain Review?

Most CBD strain reviews will start off by explaining the basics of what is in the CBD strain:

  • What does it smell like?
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does it look like?
  • What effects does it have?
  • What are its genetics? (Which parent plants does the blend come from?)
  • What Terpenes (essential oils from various plants) does it contain?
  • What CBDs are in it?

After answering all of the above questions in one way or another, the review should tell you what the CBD strain should do for you. The review will list all the potential effects that come from taking a controlled dose of the CBD strain.

Following this, a CBD review may also warn you about the risks of overusing the strain, should there be any. And finally, the individual may give his/her account of his/her experience with using the CBD strain personally.

Why Do We Need CBD Strain Reviews?

#1 – CBD Strain Reviews Help Inform Us About Individual CBD Strains

CBD strain reviews keep you from needing to rely entirely on what the producer of the new strain claims. It gives you unbiased information about the strain, confirming whether or not it does what the producer claims it does.

Should you be interested in a particular CBD strain, you can simply search for the name and find a few reviews on the subject. This way, you can determine what is in the strain and whether or not it is suited to your needs without needing to sample it yourself.

 #2 – CBD Strain Reviews Give Us Multiple Different Perspectives on the Strain

It isn’t enough to take the word of one person when it comes to something as important as medical cannabis. You definitely don’t want to take any risks when choosing your strain and dosage.

Thankfully, CBD strain reviews are in abundance. You can easily find four or five different reviews on the same subject, written from multiple different perspectives. This way, you can check to see how each individual has reacted to it to determine if they had similar results.

If most of the reviewers came to the same conclusions, then there’s a high chance that the strain does exactly what they have concluded. You can then take that knowledge and determine whether the strain is for you or not.

 #3 – CBD Strain Reviews Remove the Risk of Trying Out a New Strain

In the past, you might have needed to buy small portions of varying strains to find out which one works best for you. This is obviously not advisable at all. It is a good thing that is no longer necessary!

Reviewers have literally done that task for you, in a sense. Instead of trying it for yourself, you can check reviews for various CBD strains and compare the results from those reviewers.

The resulting information you have gained should leave you with the knowledge of which strain is best for your condition. You simply need to pick the strain that seemed to have the most impact on whatever condition you need to get treated.

 How Do I Know if I Can Trust a CBD Strain Review?

As we mentioned earlier, you can always read several reviews on the same strain to work out which ones have similar results. If you find one review that is quite different from several others, you should probably not consider it. Several reviews that have come to a similar conclusion are far more likely to be legit.

Another trick is to look into the background of whoever wrote the review. Reviewers who are known breeders or have a reputation for cannabis knowledge and experience are far more likely to write an accurate review in comparison to some random person.

At the end of the day, it is hard to say if you should 100% trust a CBD strain review as everyone reacts slightly differently to the chemicals in a CBD strain.

The main trick we can teach you is to check in with your doctor or GP before going any further. Your doctor should be able to determine an ample dosage for you and monitor the results much better than you could.

Get a dosage from your doctor and stick to it. If you experience any negative results or find that the dose isn’t enough, go back and inquire about whether you should change the dosage or not. This is the safest possible method for using medical cannabis.

Stay safe and good luck with your reviewing CBD strain reviews!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.