Stylish Cookware That Will Enhance Your Kitchen Decor


The décor you decide for your kitchen is a reflection of your personality and all cookware and serve ware needs to complement that. Top-grade cookware is not only convenient to whip up delicious meals but they also add to the décor. You can get vintage cookware or modern ones in quirky colors and shapes. Listed below are some essential cookware that’s stylish and colorful.

Dutch Ovens

If you want to make a delicious slow-cooked meal, then you have to get a Dutch oven. Dutch ovens are usually made out of cast iron that has been seasoned, ceramic, or cast aluminum. These materials can retain high or low temperatures and evenly distribute the heat. So, a Dutch oven will be perfect for searing and browning meats and braising. The walls of a Dutch oven are thick and therefore the temperature can be maintained while cooking. French ovens are a variation of the Dutch oven and they are enameled instead of being seasoned. You can get several convenient ovens like the round French oven, oval French oven, goose pot, or even cast-iron mini cocotte. If you want to give a rustic and vintage feel to your kitchen, you can select a cast-iron oven. But Dutch ovens come in various colors and sizes and you can easily find one that is suitable for your kitchen.


Every kitchen needs a saucepan. If you are someone who is usually prone to ordering out and have recently decided to eat at home to only save money but also stay healthier, a saucepan is definitely one of the first utensils you should invest in.  It is extremely versatile and because of its high sides, it can hold more food or liquid. The sides also increase the surface area and allow the heat to spread more evenly. You can use a saucepan to make sauces with fresh produce, soups, or braised foods. Saucepans can also be used to simply boil water and make some tea! Other than a regular saucepan, you can also get an essential pan, a saucier with a lid, a rondeau, or even a risotto pot. These are all similar to the usual saucepan and can be used to cook several types of dishes. Saucepans are usually made out of stainless steel and such polished surfaces will look timeless in any kitchen.


A kettle is essential for tea lovers. You can also use a kettle to boil water for other purposes. If you wish to make an instant soup, then there is no cookware handier than a kettle! Kettles can be in various shapes and sizes. You can get an enameled kettle or even a cast-iron kettle. Kettles can also be made of copper. However, nowadays most kettles are made out of stainless steel. Usually, a kettle has a flat bottom that allows you to set it on your stovetop. Traditionally, a kettle would also have a whistle to indicate that the water has boiled. So you can get a classic whistling kettle or even a more modern Kone kettle. You can also find teacups or mugs to match your kettle and display them in your kitchen.


When you place a hot dish or bowl on the table, the heat might scorch the surface. This is why you need to place trivets between the serve ware and the tabletop. Trivets are flat objects that have short feet (some might have no feet at all) and you can place bowls, dishes, or even pans on them while serving. Trivets can be made out of various materials like wood, copper, cast iron, or silicone. Silicone trivets are usually dishwasher safe and trivets made of other materials can be easily cleaned with gentle cleansers. Trivets are essential to protect the top of your dining table and they can also add to the décor. You can get stainless steel trivets, copper trivets, gold-colored trivets, or even French and deluxe trivets in various colors and patterns that will look great on your table!

Written by Megan Taylor
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