Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Pre-rolled cones are the wave in 2021

The Arizer Solo 2 isn’t your typical fancily designed vaporizer. However, its ergonomic design makes a statement of functionality. The vaporizer ignores excessive details and add-ons, which makes it highly functional, with operational ease.

On delivery, the package contains the vaporizer; Adapter/charger; 2 Aroma tubes (borosilicate glass stems); 4 stainless steel screens; Silicone Stem Caps; Glass Aroma Dish, among others.


The unit is made with food/chemical-grade parts and a ceramic heating component.

While it may not look fanciful, it commands style and class. The vaping unit comes with a visibly rugged appeal – except that you may be extra careful to avoid breaking the fragile glass stems.

Its quality is obvious both to sight and touch.


Arizer Solo 2 features two major components– the stem and body.  The dry herb vaporizer features high-class conduction/convection heating.

This vape is one of the most straightforward-to-operate on the vaping tools market.

Even more, the vape offers top-quality vapor with amazing smoothness and rich flavor. The device produces a vibrant cloud of impressive vapor.

With the shorter stem, you’d get a bit warmer vapor than the long stem option. Personally, the bent stem is best for a cooler vaping experience. The experience is satisfying.

As with most vapes, the lower temperature usually brings more flavor, while higher temperature offers more giant clouds. So, it’s up to you to select a preference.


The device comes with a built-in battery that isn’t user-replaceable. Although a full charge is attained after 3 hours, the battery is rugged, and the manufacturer claims can go 3 hours of uninterrupted usage – even at high temperature.

This battery performance is a scarce feature among portable vaporizers, which, on the norm, barely holds enough power to last a few sessions. For most portable vapes, you will scarcely get a one-hour usage at full charge.

The device features a timer that controls the session and automatically trips off the machine. This further elongates the battery life.

Although rare, where your battery goes dead, Solo 2 comes with a pass-through charge option. This means you can continue with your vaping session even while on a charge.

Cleaning and maintenance

Too often, the glass stems easily get messed up. Well, that’s no big scare as they are relatively easy to handle.

Typical of reusable vapes, this Solo 2 vaporizer demands regular cleaning.

A simple brushing after your sessions will go a long way. But for a deeper clean, you may use isopropyl after a few charges, to prevent gunk build-up.

The device’s construction is two-pieced, which makes it pretty easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Arizer Air vs. Arizer Solo 2

Lately, we’ve received an increasing lot of inquiries on the best buy between Arizer 2 Solo and the Arizer Air.

Let’s quickly discuss their primary differences.

  • While the Arizer Solo 2 comes with a digital display, the Air version doesn’t.
  • Also, the Arizer Air’s interface isn’t as smooth and customizable as the Solo 2 option.
  • Before you jump on the apparent more loaded option, note that the Solo 2 costs about $100 more.
  • Away from cost, Arizer Air is a common preference for its relative portability – compared to the bulkier Solo 2.

Summarily, while Arizer Solo 2 comes with better features and, in turn, higher performance, if budget is a concern, the Arizer Air is still a decent option.


Arizer is, no doubt, a favorite brand option within the vaping community. Its products are consistently reliable and offer value for the cost.

So far, the brand has produced dozens of vaporizers – both desktops and handhelds. And these products all have an impressive fan base. Typical of Arizer products, Solo 2 comes with a warranty, which increases your confidence in the product.

The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is, no doubt, a top-quality industry-standard product. The price tag, however, has raised concerns since you’d likely get sleeker, more portable, and more innovative options from competitors.

That said, Solo 2 intimidates the competition with its rugged battery life. This is widely the justification for its relative high cost.

Summarily, the Arizer Solo 2 is ideal for those who wish to take their vaping sessions to another level. Notably, its rugged battery capacity makes your long vaping sessions worry-free.

Written by Megan Taylor
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