Here Are 5 Tips for Choosing a Gift That Is Personal and Meaningful


Gift giving. Some people love the feeling that lighting up a person’s day can offer, yet others hate the aching stress of seeking the perfect present. It can often be challenging to know what another person thinks about the gifts they receive. There’s always a little doubt in your mind whilst you watch someone open a present you bought for them – will they love it? Or will they secretly hate it?

However, the fact still stands that everyone loves receiving a personal and meaningful gift, even if it can sometimes be tricky to purchase or make the ideal gift. Whatever type of person you are, you may be able to benefit from the five tips we’ve carefully put together below!

1. Consider the occasion and have a budget in mind

The type of occasion that the gift is for can really influence it. For example, a personalized snow globe would work exceptionally well for the Christmas holiday but maybe not so well for a summer season wedding anniversary. Additionally, a romantic getaway fits perfectly with Valentine’s Day but doesn’t quite fit the bill for your dog’s birthday. After you’ve figured out what kind of occasion you’re buying for, it’s always best to have a budget in mind. It’s important not to overstretch yourself and just splash the cash to impress someone – it’s much better to inject meaning rather than money into a gift in many situations. For instance, making your own jar full of notes describing all the reasons why you love someone is much more meaningful than an expensive watch.

2. Know the person and make it personal

If you want to give someone a great gift, you should really know them well. Consider what they love – foods, hobbies, experiences – you name it. Do they already own something that you could compliment with a gift? For example, if the person’s pooch is their entire life, you could purchase a pet hamper, including some dog-care items like dog wipes, a dog belly band or some diapers, soft toys, and a leaflet containing some excellent nearby nature walks. Furthermore, if the person has a passion for cooking, why not take them to a professional cooking class? Choosing a particular present is all about knowing what your gift-receiver truly values. After all, what one individual may instantly love, another person may hate.

3. Give your gift a sense of connection

Frequently, when someone wants to give a meaningful and personal gift, they seek out a present that reconfirms their connection with the other individual. This means that the gift is a reflection of both the gift-giver and gift-receiver – and their remarkable, original relationship. People can communicate their appreciation for others through gifts with connections. For example, you may buy your sibling a gift that reminds them of an in-joke you share. Or perhaps you’ll buy your partner daffodils on your anniversary because it was the first bunch of flowers you brought to your first date. Maybe, you’ll hire your friend a car because you’ve always talked about going on a road trip together since being kids. Connections can be wide and varied, so it’s worth having a think about this one in greater detail and delving into the happy memories you share with your gift-receiver.

4. Taking the classical route will help you avoid mistakes

There’s nothing wrong with taking a traditional path, even if it can be a little predictable. Many people still love receiving fresh flowers. You can’t go wrong with flowers – most people love them! This is also why there are flowers for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Get to know the recipient’s favorite colors, scents, or types of flowers. From premium roses to exotic tropical bouquets, an online floral shop has a wide range of flower boxes to select from. Make sure you arrange the perfect time to deliver the gorgeous flower box to your friend, so he or she can be surprised!

5. Experiences are more valuable than objects

In this life, we remember experiences more than materialistic objects. Thus, you might want to splash the cash on a fun experience rather than something you can physically touch. A trip to the funfair, zoo, theatre, or mini golf yard can all make great playdates. Perhaps the person you are buying for has always wanted to go to a specific destination – why not buy them the plane tickets and jet off with them in style?


So, hopefully, you’re ready to purchase or make meaningful and personal gifts for all your loved ones. No matter who you’re buying for, you just need to consider what they love and value the most and how you are able to incorporate this into a present. Just remember – the meaning of gifts isn’t based on how much cash you have to splash out on them. It’s about whether they came from your heart or not.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.