Classy or Tacky-How to Dress When Going to a Casino


Going to a casino requires that you dress well. There are casinos especially high-end platforms that require you to dress in a specific way. However, some, expect you to honor your casino invite and gamers by dressing business casual, formal or classy. Either way, it is ideal to dress well, to impress, feel comfortable and part of the gambling world with the right clothing. Is it classy or tacky?

The general rule of thumb when dressing to a casino is to find more about the casino you intend to visit. Each platform has rules that may apply to your dress code. Often, business casual, formal black or white tie dress code is a requirement for both men and women.

The Tie

The tie, white or black is one of the most classy and formal attires not to miss when going to a casino. This is particularly vital and a requirement in many casinos across the western world. While the white tie has been associated with more formal events, Oscars and dinners, it is widely accepted in many casinos. For men, you can wear a black tie with a black suit, a dress coat, a white shirt with cuff links and gloves. A white tie blends well with different colors as long as you maintain a formal or classy dress code with elegant shoes.

For women, you can wear a tie with a floor-length gown, evening shoes and maintain rich or dark colours that blend well with your skin. With a tie, you also ought to keep every detail elegant, clean, simple and classy.

Semi-Formal Attire

With the evolving fashion world, semi-formal attire is highly welcomed in many casinos. It is a blend of formal and informal classy outfit for different events including day time and night casino events. For women, you can choose to wear a little black dress, a cocktail or short afternoon dress, a dressy skirt and a matching top or simply settle for dressy separates.

For men, you can make a grand entry to a casino in your dark business suit, a simple tie, and a dress shirt, polo or collared shirt will do the trick. Classy leather shoes that blend well with your semi-formal suit will complete the look. Semi-formal attire for men is ideal for an afternoon or an evening casino event.

Business Style or Business Formal

Business style attire is the way to go when visiting a casino. It is a presentable, classy and great attire that technically defines who you are. Whether you are gaming or accompanying a friend, this is a dress code you can never go wrong with. For men, choose a business-style dress, or an official suit. If you choose a dress, wear matching stockings, a jacket and grab your heels. Often, stockings are optional but the beauty of wearing them is that stockings enhance your overall look.

For men, you can get a dark colored suit, blend with an elegant light colored button-down shirt and wear matching shoes.

Business Casual Attire

Business casual dress code is common in many casinos. You only need to choose the right business casual wear to achieve a great look. For men, you can get a blazer, dress shirt, polo or open collar and match with khaki trousers or slacks. You may wear a tie or ditch it. Complete the look with matching loafers.

For women, you can wear elegant pants, skirts or khaki, collared shirt, a sweater or a blouse. The rule of thumb for women opting for business casual attire is to avoid revealing clothing. Whatever dress or blouse you choose, your shoulders should be covered by a jacket or a sweater.

Playing online casino in your Pajamas

If you are playing in an online casino, you can be keen on the platforms guidelines, especially with virtual platforms. The beauty of online casinos is that dress codes measures aren’t stringent. You can go easy and play at the comfort of your bed in your pajamas.

With these dress codes, it is safer to be classy when going to a casino. Choose tacky when allowed.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.