Private Labeling and Developing a Sugar Waxing Brand


It is no secret that people trust names they know over faceless companies. We are all interested in real people, especially those behind a business or those who are specialized in a particular field. Many of us are inspired by other people’s success stories, and we may prioritize a product or service of a company whose founder we know little about. Therefore, for a salon, it can be profitable to develop a brand that fits the demands of its customers and presents the business positively.

Today it is easy to make your own private label sugaring paste. This is because one of the best-known producers of professional cosmetics, the Sugaring Factory, can provide a service that allows you to create branded products for your salon, even on a low budget.

The Reasons for Private Labeling

All professional beauticians can boost their reliability and credibility by engaging more customers with their skills and offering quality cosmetics. So now it is worth saying a few words about the benefits of creating private label hair wax products.

Reputation Growth

First, a personal brand increases your media and local reach and brings in new customers. Growth in the number of loyal visitors you attract promotes your sugaring products and raises the value of your services. Moreover, it allows you to establish a close connection with your clients, who show their appreciation by providing free word-of-mouth advertising to their friends and acquaintances. This is how you can build the prestige of your brand.

Higher Value

Second, a strong personal brand helps to increase the value of sugaring scrubs and pastes and the services themselves. Such brand evolution makes your clients think that you care. You gain a competitive advantage through professional development and quality cosmetics.

This unique service lets you promote the business without significant investment. All you need to do is create the design of the bottles and place the order on the Sugaring Store at With Sugaring Factory support, it’s easy to develop a private label brand.

Sugar Paste for Professionals

The Sugaring Factory™ is an experienced producer of sugaring paste, scrubs, and other waxing products. We have been making first-class cosmetics for over seven years and know exactly what consumers need. We aim to raise interest and attract professionals to use our quality cosmetics and develop businesses that stand out from the crowd of similar-looking salons. We are interested in our loyal clients and their success. We understand how hard it is to make a business remarkable when there’s so much competition out there. That is why we help through the development of a customizable line of products for our clients to boost their sales and loyalty among their customers.

Salon Cosmetics

We provide a fully natural product that was made using modern equipment with excellent quality. The paste is non-allergic and is suitable for the pickiest customers. It is easy to spread on the skin and is also simple to remove. The leftovers of the substance can be dissolved in warm water. The paste does not need any preheating before application. It is perfect for salons and home usage. 

We only create sugaring cosmetics using ecological ingredients and can offer four types of paste mixtures:

  1. Elastic line. This represents the soft substance that is suitable for removing thin, barely noticeable hairs on large areas. It needs no preheating and is ideal for bondage or squeegee usage methods.
  2. Medium density. This can pull out coarse hairs on any body part. It can also be used with bondage techniques and cover large areas.
  3. All-purpose paste. The name speaks for itself. It is easy to apply using many well-known methods. Remove hairs on any zone of your body without pain.
  4. The highest density paste. This mixture mainly helps to get rid of hairs in delicate places with the highest sensitivity levels.

Options for a Private Sugaring Paste Label Creation

By ordering private label sugar paste, you receive:

  • an individual design;
  • ready layout;
  • production of the materials. 

You can choose the shape, size, and type of the paste. We provide you with multiple options here, so your branded line will look perfect. We also have round and square labels to stick to the various parts of the packaging. You can add your logo with text to the lid and the back of the bottles, so it is all up to you.

Simple Guide to Order Placement

You can place your first order and receive a private label hair sugar wax in a couple of minutes. Start with choosing the packaging and its volume. The sugaring paste can be brought to you in: 

  •  jars from 24 to 40 oz;
  • pots from 24 to 40 oz;
  • tubes from 12 to 35 oz. 

Then pick the necessary quantity of different pastes for sugaring. The next step is to select the design. Great news here, you can choose between similar-looking bottles and various individual styles for each. Finally, drag your logo onto the order and proceed to sign the agreement.

Why Choose the Sugaring Factory?

Due to our extensive experience, our large number of clients, and sugaring paste with natural ingredients, we are the true professionals of our trade. Therefore, the Sugaring Factory can assist you in building a reliable, quality, and solid product line for your own brand, taking advantage of our knowledge and professionalism.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.