The Basics in Right Food Pairing for Dom Perignon


The famous Dom Perignon has always been one of the most celebrated vintage wines. Every pour of it brings you a satisfying moment, while every sip gives you a sensational feeling.

You can always tell what sets Dom Perignon apart among the other wines. Yet, there is still a sense of mystery that goes perfectly with every Moët & Chandon wine.

To give you an idea of what kind of meal that will go perfectly with every Dom Perignon vintage, read through the article as we demystify and uncover some secrets of Dom Perignon food pairing.

The Dom Perignon Wines

Dom Perignon is widely celebrated as vintage champagne, which means all the produced grapes were harvested in the same year and used to create the wine. This method highly denotes quality in winemaking.

There are different Dom Perignon wines, and it is known that the Dom Perignon has created 42 vintages throughout the year of its winemaking. There are also white Dom Perignon, and not until the year 1959, a rose version of Dom Perignon was created.

All of these Dom Perignon are different in taste, texture, and quality that also means they blend and go differently when paired to food.

If you are looking for a Dom Perignon bottle, you can look into– they have different Dom Perignon wines in stock. You might as well like to enjoy a glass first before trying it out to pair to your meal.

Dom Perignon and Food Pairing 

Since there’s a lot of Dom Perignon vintages, as there is the white Dom Perignon and the rose Dom Perignon, classifying and pairing them with food needs subtlety and consciously taking your time know the champagne and the meal you match it with. Here’s an essential guide on how you can rightfully pair a Dom Perignon to your meal.

Dom Perignon Vintage is best paired with crispy foods that are high in fat content. Since it is known that champagne is best served with savory foods, the Dom Perignon is also best with heavily-seasoned meals. The citrus content of the Dom Perignon cuts through the dish and makes it lighter on the palate.

Though it is imperative to note that when you have Dom Perignon vintage at hand, avoid acidic or bitter dishes, please stay away from a meal with high vinegar content or salads with dark leafy greens as it will spoil your taste.


If you have Dom Perignon 2006 in your glass, you can get to enjoy a plate of caviar, foie gras, and truffles. It is known that Dom Perignon 2006 is a great food wine, thus pairing it with these three dishes will beautifully balance your taste and give you a generous mouthfeel experience.

Caviar for one is rich, salty, and fishy- the saltiness gives the wine more emphasis and gives out the better taste. The fatty foie gras just proves that the Dom Perignon is best paired with fatty foods.

And lastly, the famous truffles or any mushroom-based dishes go perfectly with the Dom Perignon 2006. It soothes the acidity in wine and gives you a tangy taste and refreshing food pairing.

Rose Dom Perignon

Just like any other Dom Perignon, the rose blends perfectly with any savory foods. But do take note that the rose Dom Perignon is high with creamy content and lean on more in fruity taste.

If you want to enjoy your rose Dom Perignon, you can enjoy a plate of salads with greens. The creamy texture of rose Dom Perignon covers the bitterness of the leafy greens and balances out your taste. You can also enjoy a plate of hummus if you like as well.


You can pair a Dom Pérignon Rosé 1993 to a snack like cured pork and clams. The red fruity notes of rose Dom Perignon match the saltiness and slightly sweetness of the dish, thus giving you an intense food pairing experience.

White Dom Perignon

Both white and rose Dom Perignon is a combination of blends of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; they can go with any salty dishes. However, pairing it with spicy foods is not suggested as well.

Though the white Dom Perignon has a creamy texture, it cannot coat well the spiciness of a meal and might spoil your entire dinner. With a white Dom Perignon, you can go with the traditional seasoning of a raw scallop salad, chips, and nuts, or you can go with cheese.

The Dom Perignon 2008 can go to a regal length when paired to caviar but can go smooth and straightforward with macaroni and cheese. Don’t shy away in trying to pair with a simple house kitchen dish.


Enjoying a glass of wine is an enjoyable and satisfying moment, gives you more time to reflect, and be on your pace. But pairing it with a dish is not a bad idea at all. You can get to experience different tastes and discover what blend goes well for you. It doesn’t require you to be always in a classy restaurant, even at home you can enjoy food pairing when you know about the basics and know your wine as well.

Written by Megan Taylor
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