11 Stress Busters with Proven Positive Impact on Mood (During the Pandemic)


The pandemic has undoubtedly turned our life more dismal. Crumbling economies, loss of jobs, financial instabilities, and a greater risk to health have literally transformed everything bleak around us. With all the pessimistic things around, being stressed-out is now a prevalent story for almost next human being.

Dealing with the Stress at Foul Play

Stress is a common health concern during the Pandemic. It is not only detrimental to physical health and well-being but also for our emotional and mental health as well. Thus, it becomes significantly imperative to cultivate positive vibes around.

Whether it is changing your interior, home improvement, playing games, spending time with family, or cooking your favorite recipes, there are activities one could engage in to circumvent over-thinking that leads to depressive state of mind. Along with it, it is important to surround yourself with things that encourage positivity and uplifts your mood.

It is time to Shuffle Things Around

Start by changing your interior with motivational posters, beautiful painting, bright colors, and some cute canvas ideas for a refreshing punch. For a positive compound effect, don’t forget to encompass things that are proven to break the shackles of negativity by influencing your mind. And incorporating these 11 elements in your lifestyle would proffer your mood – the right fuel to breed positive thoughts.

What are those things? Let’s find out moving further in the post.

1. Smiling

Starting your day with a grin is an ideal way to set the tune for the rest of the day. Smiling is a proven way to reduce your stress levels and making yourself better as per the various research conducted. Whether it is frowning or scowling, expression plays a major role in influencing our mood. Thus, practices to smile and even laugh more often to keep all the worries aside.

2. Random Act of Kindness

There is no better way to make yourself happy than doing some good things for the people in need or the society in whole. Helping others does not at all mean always money. You can help people who need some care, advice, or even performing some activities. Moreover, you can share food with the needy person. After all, being human is all about feelings and empathy that brings all together. And there are studies that prove it well.

3. Spend Time with Family

The pandemic is in all way not vicious. It has offered something special. Yes – the valuable time that is often hard to get in this fact paced world. Use that time to spend quality time with your loved one which is in otherwise not possible. Too much overthinking can drain your energy, spending time with family allow you to switch the mind and refresh it for good.

4. Balance of Colors

Colors are psychologically proven to have an effect the way we think. Green can help you to be more creative, red and orange more energetic and alert, blue for calmness and trustworthiness, and there are many other colors that are linking to your brain functioning and in turn mood. So, you might consider repainting your room as they very first step for positive transformation.

5. Exercise and Meditation

Exercise helps to rejuvenate your health system while meditation can help you get elevated focus and increased concentration level. These activities are a great way to get out of the vicious thinking circle that often is the grassroot problem. Along with this, there are other good benefits of indulging in them apart from just improving your mood.

6. Gaze Nature

Discovering new things around you and hearing surrounding – the sound of nature – that are often lost in the noise of everyday hectic can potentially confront you with something new. It is a great way switch off and detox your mind from all the troubles and thoughts.

7. Connect and Communicate with People

Isolation is a major cause of people getting in a depressed state of mind. Why not connect with your old friends, relatives, or colleagues? Sharing your problems might open your door in terms of a great advice, support, or even change of perception. This will ultimately reduce your burden and help your relax.

8. Eating the Right Food

You cannot devalue the habit of eating the right food for your brain health. Food such as greens and drinks like green tee are great stress relievers. Most importantly they are a source of nutrition which is often neglected. So, focus on eating and sleeping right as a way to see surprising relief.

9. Spread Love

There is a better way to perform mindfulness and replace all the negativity in and around you. Yes – Replace it. Replacing your feeling with something cheerful is a great way to experience joy and happiness. If you already love someone – it is time for you to connect and engage with them for your own good. And imbibe some great vibes around your life.

10. Find or Explore a Hobby

No matter what you do as a hobby can be tremendously helpful to distress yourself. Time for you sing, dance, cook, or even paint, whatever you find interesting and distract yourself from all the belittling emotions. People who engage in a hobby are 34% less in stress as per a research. And most importantly you have the time do it now. Always remember, thinking too much won’t be helpful in changing anything except for your health. So be happy and take a hobby.

11. Listen and Dance to a Tune

The beats of the music are one of the best stressbusters out there. Music has profound link to one’s emotion and body. It can help you enhance positivity and change your outlook towards life. So it is time for you to play the song and perhaps dance on the tune as well. It can be an ideal way to relax and declutter things in your head.

Set Yourself Up

Tough times often are temporary. After all, situations and life are ever-changing. And sticking to them is not the wisest thing to do.

This is the time for give it a twist. With these handfuls of tips – you would definitely want to rewire your brain and bring the zest back to the life.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.