Chic Tips to Get the Most Out of a T-Shirt!

T-shirts are one of the most common wardrobe staples in the world. They come in different colors with a broad variety of prints and graphics, and they can be worn with various other outfits for different stylish, casual looks. From your favorite movie-inspired graphics and tie-dyed affirmations to custom printed graphics, these pieces can be dressed up with sleek trousers, pantsuits, and even printed skirts – high-low looks that will work both for work and for play. Whether you prefer to search online for the best vintage styles, get a brand new one from your favorite store, or order one from a custom t-shirt printing website, here are some chic tips to pair your favorite t-shirts.

Consider the Occasion

One important rule when it comes to wearing a t-shirt is to know when and where it is appropriate to do so. In reality, most functions you will attend often require that you dress in a good old suit. In less formal occasions you may wear a long-sleeved shirt with a collar. However, t-shirts are an option only if the event you are attending is casual.

Avoid the urge to challenge the occasion’s dress code by wearing a t-shirt to a friend’s wedding, an official event or the office. Remember that it doesn’t really matter how good you may think you look or how confident you feel in your favorite t-shirt. Just keep it in your mind that t-shirts have their own place and time and always respect the occasion.

Choose a Style that Suits You

Well, there’s a common rule that “less is more.” But this rule doesn’t always apply to all clothing. Sometimes more is a necessity for a t-shirt, like a few extra inches of fabric on the neckline or a v-neck style. It all depends on your body type. For instance, v-necks are better for men who are fit as they emphasize the chest area, add extra height, and balance out details such as a narrow face or short neck. On the other hand, crew necks are great for men with a thinner frame. Just remember to choose something that complements your body type and shape.

Choose the Right Fabric

Many people often wrongly associate the weight of the fabric with higher quality. In fact, when it comes to t-shirts, the lighter the fabric, the costlier they become. The most preferable choice for t-shirt fabric is 100% cotton, particularly Pima or Egyptian cotton. These fabrics are from long staple fibers that last longer, feel lighter, and look thinner. Other good options are cotton blends, like stretch fibers that help to highlight the shape of your torso, while blends like polyester are more affordable and easy to maintain as they crease less. Cotton is also a great fabric if you plan to do custom graphic t-shirt printing.

In a nutshell, t-shirts can be quite stylish if you just know how to wear them. You only need to ensure the occasion is right, the fit is right, the fabric is right, the color is right to match or combine, and ultimately that the style is right to suit your body type and comfort. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.