25 Gorgeous Glitter Hairstyles Perfect for Parties

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6. Lightly Sparkled French Braid Glitter Hair

This is a subtler use of the glitter hair trend, made by simply painting a small amount the sparkles on each strand of the dual French braids. In an easygoing silver, the glitter here just highlights the beautiful styling of the hair while also tying in well to the wearer’s makeup and overall style. This goes to show how hair glitter can boost everything about yourself, especially if you show restraint (which isn’t easy, given how fun glitter has always been to play with!).

7. Dual Braid Mermaid Glitter Hair

Mermaid hair is another hot trend right now, so it’s really exciting to see it merged with glitter hair! You get the lovely color variation of mermaid hair (especially since the locks are tied up in double braids, separating colors) as well as the pop of surprise from the glitter on top. Here, the model is sporting bright pink glitter hair above her blue- and purple-based mermaid hair, so the shock factor is especially prevalent.

8. Top Knot French Braid Glitter Hair

Gold glitter hair is jaw-droppingly stunning. Wavy boho locks are pulled to the side in a loose braid, while more hair is piled on top in a top knot ” the gold glitter is spread from the braid (of mixed blonde and black hair) and extends up to the black root area; the shimmering glitter looks equally as beautiful on the blonde as it does the brunette side, so even if you don’t try to pull of this exact glitter hairstyle, you can know that gold glitter hair is a magnificent option!

9. Sparkly Purple Glitter Roots

This glitter hairstyle idea is out of this world. It’s cosmically drawing, between the purple hair color and the sparkly purple roots; so much so that it seems more like the natural hair colors of an otherworldly being than a simple dye and glitter job! Using the glitter on your roots only makes for an interesting illusion in any shade, by both drawing attention to the unexpected area and giving the rest of your hair an interesting new color perspective.

10. Candy Pink Glitter Hair

This adorable glitter hairstyle is totally girly and cute. It’s something you’d expect to find on a Barbie doll sitting in her box at the store. It brings that idea to life, starting with bubblegum pink hair, and adding silver sparkles on top of that to make for an even girlier look. This is the kind of style you’d expect from someone who knows she’s feminine in her aesthetic but decides to embrace it and run with it full-force!

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Written by Courtney Dobrzykowski
Courtney is a student majoring in mass communication and professional writing. She works as a writer and editor, and has a wide variety of hobbies, such as fashion, reading/writing poetry, sewing, and playing video games.